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An Easy Speed-Based System

The Name of the Game

Yep - ANOTHER speed system...but this one has a unique twist that results in some great payoffs!

Using The Name of the Game, you'll bet 2 horses per race, and will often bet at least one exacta, sometimes even two or three. It may take you all of two or three minutes to locate your plays in a given race! This is great for multi-track play.

No juggling facts and figures--just three simple rules, plus three eliminations and the job is done! You want SIMPLE? We got SIMPLE! And The Name of the Game comes with author Walt Owens' Patented Bankroll Management Strategy!

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The Name of the Game

Pencil & Paper or Software Versions


Easy-Money Pro (EZ-MoPro for short) is the first publication to present in detail tried-and-true methodologies used by professional horseplayers.

The 70+ page book will introduce you to great pro players like the bettor who bets only daily doubles; the East coast "trifecta king"; the southern California "parlay king"; and other pros who share their tactics in detail with you.

Two highlights: from pro player Tim Maas: Recognizing the Exceptional Horse (Handicapping Outside the Curve) and a money management tool to help lock in profits in the place and show pools.

It's like a seminar you can hold in your hands anytime you want!

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Pencil & Paper or Software Versions

*** The S-UDB Place/Show Profit Maker ***

A super consistent method from the king of the winning spot play, Jon Worth, one of America's most respected handicappers!

Known for conservative methods, often involving place and show wagering, Jon created this powerful system that can handicap an entire card in less than ten minutes! Perfect for playing multiple tracks at your simulcast parlor.

Remember: this is for primarily betting place and show. And there's nothing wrong with that when runouts are extremely rare. Very few handicapping methods can honestly make that claim.

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The 94.5% No-Handicapping Show System

How's THAT for the name of a system?

Such a high percentage would in fact be preposterous--if it wasn't for the fact that this system is, as the name implies, designed for SHOW bettors!

If you're a conservative player, you'll love this method based on an old  angle from respected handicapper Lou Holloway. If you're looking for a key horse in exotic wagers, this system will help you save time, big time! Like parlays? This is what you need to put 'em together quickly and easily.

Available in Pencil & Paper format.

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An Amazing Toteboard System

The Dead Aim 48% Plus
Toteboard System

No Racing Form and No Handicapping Required!

This sounds impossible, but there ARE systems that have been around for years that are based entirely on the toteboard. To put it simply, a hundred no-nothing players can make uninformed $5 bets, and it translates into $500 spread across 8 horses. But when a five-person stable sends in $2,000 on its ‘sure thing,’ the experienced tote watcher can spot it in the blink of an eye.

The Dead Aim System provides a framework for players to find these horses and how to listen when the money "talks.

No, it WON'T do well at every track---but you get the list of where to avoid! And there's much more, all easy to understand to start using right away.

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Don't Sweat It - It's Easy and Good!

The "Win" Place

A simple system of using Win and Exacta Wagers that returned an amazingly high ROI in testing! Handicappers Jeff Silliphant and Jim Robins teamed to find a strategy that would return 50% ROI and still be super easy to use. They did it!

Fans of systems will be very pleased with the ease of use, consistency, and profitability of The "Win" Place. 3-D Spot Play System Included FREE!

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Makes Managing Money Easy

The Guaranteed Profit
Money Management System

The Guaranteed Profit Money Management System is truly focused on managing money. Because of this, you can use it not only for horse racing but also for other forms of sports wagering, and even at the casino!

The strategy is easy to follow. It employs a 4-Level strategy, and it guarantees a profit if you can hit simply one out of every five of your bets (20%). You start with a "Lifetime Bankroll" of 350 betting units. If you study the chart and explanation carefully, you will see how you can never tap out or lose your that bankroll.

Any solid system that picks 20%+ winners (and there are a lot of them) can be used to generate profits with The Guaranteed Profit Money Management System.

When you order The Guaranteed Profit Money Management System, you'll also receive, absolutely FREE,  the Go With The Flow Craps and Roulette Betting systems.

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Make Money
Betting on Favorites!

The Smart-Bet Professional Formula

The Smart-Bet Professional Formula will show you how betting only on favorites at 9-to-5 or higher will result in a sure-fire positive return on your investment. This is a real no-brainer. No heavy-duty thinking involved!

The Smart-Bet Professional Formula can be used with any good system of play, your own handicapping, or even the picks of a good public selector.

The Smart-Bet Professional Formula combines the theory behind the Kelly Criterion (percentage of bankroll) with a fail-safe progression system that not only works beautifully but also eliminated the drawbacks of both wagering strategies. In other words, The Smart-Bet Professional Formula allows you to capitalize on the upside and minimize the downside of both progression wagering and percentage of bankroll strategies.

All you have to do is implement one of the plan described in the Formula. Use any good system or your own handicapping, and you can sit back and watch the profits grow! Three ways to play: Smart-Bet Win, Smart-Bet Favorite and Smart-Bet Win-Place-Show. You choose the one that fits your style and temperament. The Smart-Bet Professional Formula is extremely easy to use and comes with complete instructions and worksheets.

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Includes FREE Bonus:
The 40%+ Profit System

The  3-2-1 Betting System +
Optimum Maiden Profit Plan

The 3-2-1 Betting System
is actually a bankroll building strategy. Remarkably, it requires no handicapping because it uses public handicappers for your selections. You simply use the what is called a bookmakers percentage table to determine if a race is playable.

You play in series of three races but only go as far as the 3rd race if your desired profit is not made in race #1 or race #2 of the series. Set your profit level at $25 and bet according to the rules. Think of it: no handicapping,
no complicated figuring or math!

The Optimum Maiden Profit Plan consists of just 3 basic rules, with a new update that shows how the addition of just one or two other conditions enhance both the winning percentage and profits considerably! You’ll quickly discover that maiden races are not as difficult as all the experts have been warning you about for years.

This method has made an impact among the handicapping intelligentsia. Brad Free, Daily Racing Form Senior Handicapper once won a handicapping contest and said his final winner, the one that put him over the top, was a maiden-return horse that qualified by the rules of the Optimum Maiden Race Profit Plan.

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Build Pick 3's and 4's Easily




 Exotics Buster II

Exotics Buster II is the ultimate Pick 3/Pick 4 projection strategy software! It selects the contenders and constructs the Pick3/Pick4/Daily Double tickets for you.

Exotics Buster II takes much of the guesswork out of playing some of the most profitable types of wagers at the track. Exotics Buster II actually projects your Daily Double, Pick 3, Pick 4, even Pick 5 and Pick 6 tickets, helping you to search out value. The way the best players succeed at this game is to find bets with real value. You should only want to bet in situations where you feel you're being paid fair value or more.

When you're talking win and place betting, and you have the ability to estimate the chances of each animal in a race, you are able to construct a simple odds-line and thus easily spot your overlays and underlays. But when you’re talking exotic bets, the task becomes more difficult.
Exotics Buster II takes the difficulty out of that work.

You now have at your fingertips a tool that handicappers have longed for for years. You will now be able to bet with confidence on exotic wagers that you probably would have passed up previously , thanks to
Exotics Buster II.

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Works for any Combination
of Race Tracks

Parlay Power Match II

A round-robin parlay strategy that works with any method of play!

Round Robin Parlay Sheets are provided with the strategy which makes figuring your parlays a breeze. The strategy works with any decent selection method. You simply pick your horses and plug them into the proper spaces on the Round Robin Parlay Sheet.

Parlay betting has always been a high-risk activity, but,
the rewards can be enormous.

The Parlay Power Match is your chance to get started on a truly exciting adventure.

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The Thoroughbred Investor Monthly

If you’re serious about winning at the racetrack, you simply must be a subscriber to The Thoroughbred Investor Monthly.

Packed with reviews of the latest systems and articles by leading racing writers, a subscription guarantees you the latest information on handicapping methods and systems – including the latest software!

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