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From the 2014 Seminar

Tom Console's
How I Win at the Races

You may be just a short way from making the leap from being a good handicapper to a GREAT handicapper! That's what seminar participants learned in 2014 from Tom Console and it's what Tom has put into book format for players everywhere.

While it may seem a little too simple to say you can be a winner if you do the right things in the proper order, Tom says that really is the essence of handicapping, and spells it out in How I Win at the Races.

In a simple format, Tom talks about picking winners, what he calls "select" favorites, and making the most of exotic wagers. You'll learn what the simple factors are that a contender has to have to significantly increase your odds of winning.

And much more! Available in Pencil & Paper version or computer software.

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Easy-to-Use Computer Software

The Trandex Zero-Line Program

Sometimes, great discoveries are made when you're looking for something else. That's how Trandex came about.  And what is Trandex? It's a computer program that analyzes the question "What factor does the horse’s past odds contribute to in determining how well that horse will run today?"

The research's bottom line: ONE of the THIRD highest odds from either of the past TWO races finished in the top two of the current race about one fourth of the time. This is an angle that will allow you to locate horses that you otherwise would never have given a second look!

It's simple, easy, and makes a wonderful addition to any handicapping approach to add a little more action and let you create your own spots plays.

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Pencil & Paper or Software Versions


Easy-Money Pro (EZ-MoPro for short) is the first publication to present in detail tried-and-true methodologies used by professional horseplayers.

The 70+ page book will introduce you to great pro players like the bettor who bets only daily doubles; the East coast "trifecta king"; the southern California "parlay king"; and other pros who share their tactics in detail with you.

Two highlights: from pro player Tim Maas: Recognizing the Exceptional Horse (Handicapping Outside the Curve) and a money management tool to help lock in profits in the place and show pools.

It's like a seminar you can hold in your hands anytime you want!

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An Amazing Toteboard System

The Dead Aim 48% Plus
Toteboard System

No Racing Form and No Handicapping Required!

This sounds impossible, but there ARE systems that have been around for years that are based entirely on the toteboard. To put it simply, a hundred no-nothing players can make uninformed $5 bets, and it translates into $500 spread across 8 horses. But when a five-person stable sends in $2,000 on its ‘sure thing,’ the experienced tote watcher can spot it in the blink of an eye.

The Dead Aim System provides a framework for players to find these horses and how to listen when the money "talks.

No, it WON'T do well at every track---but you get the list of where to avoid! And there's much more, all easy to understand to start using right away.

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by Tom Console

Tom Console’s Exacta Extractor

There are very few systems that exclusively target exactas and trifectas. If you’re a horseplayer who likes the idea of hitting those big payouts, on a surprisingly consistent basis, you need to take a look at the Exacta Extractor

The Exacta Extractor system combines two previous winning selection methods and adds in a pace factor, which makes all the difference. Using provider files, the software applies its rules over the day's race card in seconds, removing any guesswork on your part! 

The Exacta Extractor is a great exotic wagering tool that will help you to construct exact and trifecta wagers quickly and easily.

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Tom Console's Exacta Extractor


How to Bet Favorites and Profit!

Chalk Talk!

Have you ever heard of Chicago O’Brien, a famous old-school handicapper from the Windy City? He was a real, honest to goodness sharp player who made his money by betting the chalk, tote board favorites. One of his favorite quotes: What other kind of investment do you know, for sure, guarantees that you’re going to be right at least one third of the time?

Chalk Talk!

Consider the fact that you are wagering on favorites. That means runouts will be almost nonexistent. If you're a player who likes to cash tickets regularly, that means a lot!

Included at no extra charge with Chalk Talk! is The Fulcrum Bankroll Builder Wagering Strategy...and as an extra bonus, you will also get the PROFESSIONAL VERSION of Hammering The Chalk, a system that shows you how to profit from betting short priced horses to place and show. The professional version contains much more detail and study than the original.

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Profiting from the Big Exotic Pools

Bringing Home the Jackpots

Bringing Home the Jackpots has been around for awhile, and that's because players like it so much!

If you are the least bit challenged by the process of building Pick-6, Pick-4, and even Superfecta wagers, author Jerry Samovitz covers in detail exactly how to put those tickets together. Jerry also includes his philosophy about picking winners and what he calls his all-time favorite winning angles, too.

Check out Jerry's approach on playing to get your share of the big money wagered on exotic bets in Bringing Home the Jackpots!

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Let Your Computer Help You
Get to the Cash!

The Bank Robber Longshot Method

An amazing longshot method of play that focuses on the exotics--exactas, trifectas, and superfectas.

It’s called The Bank Robber Method and it’s the kind of method that can net a big score for you!

The Bank Robber Method
is a computer program that's super easy to use. Download the races you want to play (from BRISnet) and just follow the simple instructions. The exotic wager contenders are clearly displayed and the factors that make them contenders are ALSO clearly shown on your computer monitor.

The Bank Robber Method spells out intelligent and professional guidelines on exotic play with ticket costs ranging from $4 to $36. One good score will more than pay for the cost of this method.

Like longshots? Check this exciting program out!

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The Bank Robber Longshot Method


Class on the Grass

Most players agree it’s not easy to handicap races on turf. With so many variables to consider, it’s never been easy to come up with a winning strategy. 

The answer lies with the methodology of Class on the Grass. Using simple rules, the system identifies three to four likely candidates to box in your exacta and trifecta combinations. Handicapping a race takes no more than four minutes. 

If you're a fan of turf racing and need a little help to fine-tune your handicapping, get Class on the Grass.

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Class on the Grass


100% Money Back Guarantee

 The Cash Cluster

The really neat thing about The Cash Cluster is that it is an across the board system that makes money playing to win, place and show. Since you can make a nice profit playing just to show, many Cash Cluster users also incorporate modified show parlays into their wagering plans. The Cash Cluster is the perfect system for the conservative bettor, and because it is so simple to figure and so , chances are good that you will be using CC for the a long time.

The Cash Cluster is a method you can use ‘on the side’, so to speak, meaning that it is so simple and takes so little time that you simply play the horses when they qualify, while at the same time you can also concentrate on your longshot plays, your computer plays, etc.

The Cash Cluster Play Manual comes FREE with your purchase. And as an extra FREE Bonus, you'll also receive Dr. Robert Anthony’s Round Robin Show Parlay Strategy!

The Cash Cluster not only produces good profits, but because positive returns are realized in the win, place and show columns, the earnings are  very steady; in other words: no long runouts. So give The Cash Cluster a try. The method is fully refundable. You have nothing to lose – and everything to gain.

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Round Up Them Exactas, Cowboy!

Exacta Roundup

It’s tough to pick winners at the track, and it’s even tougher to find value bets.

Success from exotic betting is where your bank can really grow. Exact and trifecta winners effectively compound your value betting by allowing you to make multiple value bets, and not focus like everyone else on picking a winner.

The methods explained in Exacta Roundup identify multiple selections in each race, perfect for exotic plays where value is all-important. Sure, you’ll get a lower win rate, but a much higher payout, especially when the rules identify just three horses, and sometimes only two!

It gets better! When you order Exacta Roundup, you’ll receive a bonus copy of My Way, a spot play system that's a perfect complement to Exacta Roundup.

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Exacta Roundup!

Build Pick 3's and 4's Easily




Exotics Buster II

Exotics Buster II is the ultimate Pick 3/Pick 4 projection strategy software! It selects the contenders and constructs the Pick3/Pick4/Daily Double tickets for you.

Exotics Buster II takes much of the guesswork out of playing some of the most profitable types of wagers at the track. Exotics Buster II actually projects your Daily Double, Pick 3, Pick 4, even Pick 5 and Pick 6 tickets, helping you to search out value. The way the best players succeed at this game is to find bets with real value. You should only want to bet in situations where you feel you're being paid fair value or more.

When you're talking win and place betting, and you have the ability to estimate the chances of each animal in a race, you are able to construct a simple odds-line and thus easily spot your overlays and underlays. But when you’re talking exotic bets, the task becomes more difficult.
Exotics Buster II takes the difficulty out of that work.

You now have at your fingertips a tool that handicappers have longed for for years. You will now be able to bet with confidence on exotic wagers that you probably would have passed up previously, thanks to
Exotics Buster II.

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The E-Z Dollar Trifecta Box System

Let’s admit it. You’d like to collect the big trifecta payouts that you read about, but every time you mske an exotic play, you come up empty, and who needs that?

What you need is a consistent and disciplined method for making your selections. It won’t win every time, but by applying the rules consistently it will give you the chance of striking the big payout more consistently.

The system itself is easy to understand. It involves weight carried among other things. When you purchase The E-Z Dollar Trifecta Box System you’re giving yourself the chance to cash those big trifecta tickets!

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E-Z Dollar Trifecta Box System


Smart and Simple

The Intelligent Lottery System

While horseplayers are busying themselves with turn times, feet-per-second pars, internal fraction variants, etc., they often overlook the obvious horse simply because they are so wrapped up in other details. The Intelligent Lottery is a simple formula for cashing in on Superfecta bets. No complicated formulas, no long and tedious rules, just a proven methodology designed to increase your trips to the cashier’s windows.

The Intelligent Lottery: A Cheap Way to Play Winning Superfecta Tickets, is yet another great exercise in the art of simplicity. As you know, the Superfecta is one of racing’s most difficult bets to hit, and to do so consistently requires making some expensive wagers. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With an intelligent strategy to both select and play the Superfecta, your chances of cashing in are enhanced considerably. And that’s just what The Intelligent Lottery is all about. You’ll find four simple rules to select your horses, then simply arrange them in the suggested betting strategy.

The Intelligent Lottery is a must-have for any player interested in cashing in on Superfectas.

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Strategy Beats Guessing!

The Only Trifecta Wagering Book You'll Ever Need

The Only Trifecta Wagering Book You’ll Ever Need is a real winner. It's a thorough discussion of why the trifecta is quickly becoming the pro’s choice. Andy Beyer got it right again!

You'll read a brief discussion of the mathematics of the bet. Does the high takeout really matter? Or does the largely ignorant public make this bet a gift?

The reason large trifecta payoffs prove so elusive to the majority of horse players can be summed up in one word: strategy.

Actually, four words are more like it: lack of a strategy.

The Only Trifecta Wagering Book You’ll Ever Need  gives you 12 proven trifecta strategies, with examples, pluses and minuses, profit potential, ticket costs in different sized fields, and expert playing tips. Illustrated with photocopies of real trifecta tickets to make all the strategies even easier to understand. You’ll be calling out trifecta tickets like a pro in no time!

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Makes the Search for Profits Easier

Show A Profit/Place To Win

If you’re looking for more consistency in your betting, rather than long shots or huge trifecta and exacta payouts, then Show A Profit  is something you should consider.

Both Show A Profit and Place to Win  systems focus on getting consistent results for win, place and show betting. Of course, the dividends are not huge, but the regular payouts more than make up for it. An added benefit of the consistency is that the generated selections can be used to anchor exacta and trifecta combinations.

If consistency is what you need to play stronger, get Show a Profit/Place to Win software!

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Show a Profit/Place to Win

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