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The TOTTO Method


Translation: Twice Over Ten to One. A system devoted entirely to longshots! To put it simply: The TOTTO Method finds races where the favorite is an iffy prospect and then searches out a longshot who has a good chance.

A totally new longshot concept, TOTTO uses certain simple patterns in combination with other indicators to spot plays. Patience in playing is a key, but TOTTO's picks are almost always ones the public will ignore.

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Aren't Longshots Your "Favorites?"

The Smart Odds Play Overlay
by Dan Speller

Rated one of the Phillips Racing Newsletterís Top 10 Handicapping Methods!

The method is extremely simple to use-- just a few rules to follow and the system puts you on the most probable longshot winners.

Some race fans donít cozy up to longshot systems because the win rate is low. But the fact is that if you develop even a moderately strong ability to spot longshots, you will enjoy an extra "cushion" for playing. You've probably been there: nail a horse that wins and pays $30 for a $2 bet, and if that's your base bet, you have a very nice boost to your bankroll!

And as a special bonus, you also get a FREE copy of Dan's work, The Longshot Indicator! Available in Pencil & Paper format.

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Let Your Computer Help You
Get to the Cash!

The Bank Robber Longshot Method

Available Only as Software

An amazing longshot method of play that focuses on the exotics--exactas, trifectas, and superfectas.

Itís called The Bank Robber Method and itís the kind of method that can net a big score for you!

The Bank Robber Method
is a computer program that's super easy to use. Download the races you want to play (from BRISnet) and just follow the simple instructions. The exotic wager contenders are clearly displayed and the factors that make them contenders are ALSO clearly shown on your computer monitor.

The Bank Robber Method spells out intelligent and professional guidelines on exotic play with ticket costs ranging from $4 to $36. One good score will more than pay for the cost of this method.

Like longshots? Check this exciting program out!

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