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Tom Console's Maiden 3-Pack

WOW! Look at this: A system for younger maidens - A system for older maidens-and a Lou Holloway system for claiming races all in one package!

The maiden systems are extremely well-suited for maiden races, making it very easy to quickly identify the specific factors pertaining to maiden races in a logical way that makes sense. The rules are surprising simple.

The package is made up of :

* The Maiden Miracle
* The Maiden Profit Machine
* The Holloway Tri-Factor

The Simple Maiden Race
Profit Machine

The title is a giveaway – this system focuses on making profit from Maiden races!  

With just four simple rules, you can handicap up to ten race cards in less than thirty minutes! Maiden races are notoriously difficult for picking winners, resulting in overlays and value betting opportunities! 

An easy, logical system, The Simple Maiden Race Profit Machine is a powerful tool to add to your handicapping toolbox.

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The Simple Maiden Race Profit Machine

Includes FREE Bonus:
The 40%+ Profit System

The 3-2-1 Betting System +
Optimum Maiden Profit Plan

The 3-2-1 Betting System
is actually a bankroll building strategy. Remarkably, it requires no handicapping because it uses public handicappers for your selections. You simply use the what is called a bookmakers percentage table to determine if a race is playable.

You play in series of three races but only go as far as the 3rd race if your desired profit is not made in race #1 or race #2 of the series. Set your profit level at $25 and bet according to the rules. Think of it: no handicapping,
no complicated figuring or math!

The Optimum Maiden Profit Plan consists of just 3 basic rules, with a new update that shows how the addition of just one or two other conditions enhance both the winning percentage and profits considerably! You’ll quickly discover that maiden races are not as difficult as all the experts have been warning you about for years.

This method has made an impact among the handicapping intelligentsia. Brad Free, Daily Racing Form Senior Handicapper once won a handicapping contest and said his final winner, the one that put him over the top, was a maiden-return horse that qualified by the rules of the Optimum Maiden Race Profit Plan.

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