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Jon Worth's Premium Best Bets Service

If you don't know Jon Worth, you should! Jon's family has been in the business since the mid 1940's. Jon and his father, Tom, have produced some of the most consistently profitable and highest rated handicapping systems and methods ever! You may have heard the names of some of them over the years: Pops and Tips, Show a Profit, Place to Win.

Conservative in nature, Jon's hit and ROI percentages are consistently amazing--and that's NOT too strong a way to categorize them! He's most definitely not just a tout - Jon is always available to his clients via phone or email for consultation!

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Now by E-mail! Jon Worth's Daily TIPS Report Selections

Jon Worth's Daily TIPS Report

Jon Worth is a well-known handicapper with a proven track record. He's the creator of TIPS, a consistent selection system with a very high hit rate.

Now, Jon is making his daily selections available by E-mail directly to you every day! He provides you with wagering suggestions on each play--you can take full advantage of Jon's TIPS methodology without having to handicap on your own. 

Racing author/handicapper Mark Cramer says: Jon is one of the hardest working, thoroughly honest handicappers Iíve ever met. You can trust him to provide you with quality information day-in, day-out.

Try a month's worth of Jon's selections and get a free bonus: a copy of The Round Robin - Art of the Show Parlay. Join the many players who are faithful fans of Jon Worth--one of the most dependable handicappers you'll find anywhere.

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The National Power Selection Line

The National Power Selection Line is a highly recommended service identifying top rated selections. Computer generated, this service is for time-strapped players who don't have or don't want to take the time in-depth handicapping requires

Over 170 form factors are fed into daily race cards, including trainer/jockey data, past performance, and various bias variables. Recommended betting strategies and money management plans (including exotic strategies) are all included.

For horse racing fans focused on simplicity and profit, The National Power Selection Line is a must!

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