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The N.O.W. Horse

The N.O.W. Horse
The Exciting Method that Spots Trainer/Owner Setups for ‘Win-Ready’ Horses

Most players look at the pp's, speed figures, recent form, and the usual factors that bettors have been using for decades to choose which horse to bet. And sometimes, trainers/owners come into the calculating.

Obvious Bottom Line: the purses go to the trainers/owners who are best able to have their horses ready to win on race day. The trick for players is to know which horses are win-ready. And now, this unique software makes solving that puzzle a lot easier!

N.O.W. stands for Never Overlook Winning moves. The method uses a super-consistent formula that locates horses being moved into high-% win/place situations by their connections. This enables players to focus not only on active win/place situations but to also find horses with big point spreads that are likely ‘singles’ in the horizontal exotics (daily double, pick 3, 4, etc).

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Zeroing in on the Money Horses

True Tenders Advanced

If you have trouble picking that small group of horses which produce the winner and in-the-money finishers, this is for you! True Tenders Advanced narrows even the toughest field down to a select few and does so regardless of the type of race, class, and size of the field!

True Tenders Advanced can pick through the sometimes very strange race conditions written by racing secretaries at small and large tracks alike, saving you lots of head-scratching and downright confusion!

In addition, True Tenders Advanced will point out situations where a standout single horse is present, or a viable Dutching opportunity exists.

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The Class/Speed Riddle Resolved!

Winning with
High Speed Rated Dropdowns
Learn How Class and Speed Interact

Is a 74 speed rating at the $16,000 level equal to a 74 speed rating at the $25,000 level?

Can class be equated with speed, and if so, HOW??

The answer is in Winning with High Speed Rated Dropdowns, which is based on a handicapper's determination of the strong relationship between class changes (specifically dropdowns) and speed figures. This discovery led to "dropdown" race angles for many plays, such as The Speed Horse Three-Race Back Angle; The Shipper's Place Angle; The One Race After Claim Angle--and MORE!  This is truly a handicapping learning experience that can be fun and profitable.

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Winning with High Speed Rated Dropdowns


The Optimum Low-Level
Claiming Race Profit Plan

Based on extensive research by noted handicapper Mark Cramer and Sport Stat of Las Vegas!

This system deals primarily with claiming races at $32,000 and less. Generally considered as shaky races to play, this system shows that they are surprisingly logical to handicap! Mark Cramer says the "hidden class drop" horses are simple to find.

Amazingly, this plan has only three basic rules but when the right conditions are present, you're tipped off to a trainer who has serious intentions of cashing in.

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Lucky Chan was a firm believer in simplicity. He wasn’t interested in getting rich. He simply wanted to be able to earn a decent living from the game he loved. So he studied, and studied, and kept records and studied some more. He hated losing streaks, so he developed methods that concentrated on high percentage areas of the game.

Lucky Chan's
Personal Plays

Most winning horseplayers are people who are pretty much unknown. A lot of players have developed winning systems of their own — methods used to supplement their income while also enjoying the thrills and chills of thoroughbred horseracing.

Chan knew that favorites win roughly 33% of the time, so he figured that there had to be situations where the chalk won at even a higher rate and produced a solid return on investment. And that's how he developed his approach to playing.

It includes: The High-Power Dutching Method - Places Everyone - The Early Bird Odds-On Place Parlay Method - Chan’s Lucky Longshot Dutching Method For Dummies - and The Upward Mobility System, a ‘reverse’ trainer angle, so to speak

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A Great Speed Handicapping Tool!

Best Bets, Prime
Fast, Easy, & Guaranteed

Master computer programmer Len Cyzyniejewski is the brains behind much of the software on this website. After producing some great methodologies, he reconfigured his huge database to focus only on factors that produced a large ROI (Return on Investment), whether it came from a single factor or from a combination of many factors. (Available in book and e-book formats.)

That's how Best Bets, Prime was created! Centered around five elimination rules, Best Bets, Prime can be used on most races on both dirt and turf. You will average about 3-4 plays per track per day. If you handicap with speed figures and/or use Quirin Speed Points as part of your selection process, Best Bets, Prime is a must for your handicapping toolkit!

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Special Free Bonus Features Included in Best Bets, Prime


An Easy Speed-Based System

The Name of the Game

Yep - ANOTHER speed system...but this one has a unique twist that results in some great payoffs!

Using The Name of the Game, you'll bet 2 horses per race, and will often bet at least one exacta, sometimes even two or three. It may take you all of two or three minutes to locate your plays in a given race! This is great for multi-track play.

No juggling facts and figures--just three simple rules, plus three eliminations and the job is done! You want SIMPLE? We got SIMPLE! And The Name of the Game comes with author Walt Owens' Patented Bankroll Management Strategy!

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The Name of the Game

The 94.5% No-Handicapping Show System

How's THAT for the name of a system?

Such a high percentage would in fact be preposterous--if it wasn't for the fact that this system is, as the name implies, designed for SHOW bettors!

If you're a conservative player, you'll love this method based on an old  angle from respected handicapper Lou Holloway. If you're looking for a key horse in exotic wagers, this system will help you save time, big time! Like parlays? This is what you need to put 'em together quickly and easily.

Available in Pencil & Paper format.

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Simple, Easy,
Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Armstrong-3 Method

A purely mechanical system that earns consistent profits? Impossible? Some people call it magic, Tom Console calls it hard work.

Created by his handicapping friend, Tony Armstrong, the Armstrong-3 will enable you to handicap a race in less than one minute, and you can play just about any race, any surface, under any conditions!

If you're a casual player or a weekend warrior, this one's for you!  Armstrong-3 includes a complete set of rules to come up with powerful exactas, trifectas, and pick-3s, too.

And Armstrong-3 comes with a full money-back guarantee!

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Easy-to-Use Computer Software

The Trandex Zero-Line Program

Sometimes, great discoveries are made when you're looking for something else. That's how Trandex came about.  And what is Trandex? It's a computer program that analyzes the question "What factor does the horse’s past odds contribute to in determining how well that horse will run today?"

The research's bottom line: ONE of the THIRD highest odds from either of the past TWO races finished in the top two of the current race about one fourth of the time. This is an angle that will allow you to locate horses that you otherwise would never have given a second look!

It's simple, easy, and makes a wonderful addition to any handicapping approach to add a little more action and let you create your own spots plays.

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Pencil & Paper or Software Versions


Easy-Money Pro (EZ-MoPro for short) is the first publication to present in detail tried-and-true methodologies used by professional horseplayers.

The 70+ page book will introduce you to great pro players like the bettor who bets only daily doubles; the East coast "trifecta king"; the southern California "parlay king"; and other pros who share their tactics in detail with you.

Two highlights: from pro player Tim Maas: Recognizing the Exceptional Horse (Handicapping Outside the Curve) and a money management tool to help lock in profits in the place and show pools.

It's like a seminar you can hold in your hands anytime you want!

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Pencil & Paper or Software Versions

*** The S-UDB Place/Show Profit Maker ***

A super consistent method from the king of the winning spot play, Jon Worth, one of America's most respected handicappers!

Known for conservative methods, often involving place and show wagering, Jon created this powerful system that can handicap an entire card in less than ten minutes! Perfect for playing multiple tracks at your simulcast parlor.

Remember: this is for primarily betting place and show. And there's nothing wrong with that when runouts are extremely rare. Very few handicapping methods can honestly make that claim.

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this Amazing Method from Jon Worth


An amazing NO-HANDICAPPING method of playing the horses!

Skeptical? Read on...

Over the last couple of decades, weight seems to have almost faded away as a handicapping factor, with increased emphasis on pace, speed, and fractions. But the fact is that weight remains an important handicapping factor.

And racing system author Jeff Silliphant has found the simple key to using weight with ONE OTHER significant factor to create a great spot play! Available in Pencil & Paper version or computer software.

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and Details on WEIGHT FOR IT

Aren't Longshots Your "Favorites?"

The Smart Odds Play Overlay
by Dan Speller

Rated one of the Phillips Racing Newsletter’s Top 10 Handicapping Methods!

The method is extremely simple to use-- just a few rules to follow and the system puts you on the most probable longshot winners.

Some race fans don’t cozy up to longshot systems because the win rate is low. But the fact is that if you develop even a moderately strong ability to spot longshots, you will enjoy an extra "cushion" for playing. You've probably been there: nail a horse that wins and pays $30 for a $2 bet, and if that's your base bet, you have a very nice boost to your bankroll!

And as a special bonus, you also get a FREE copy of Dan's work, The Longshot Indicator! Available in Pencil & Paper format.

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An Amazing Toteboard System

The Dead Aim 48% Plus
Toteboard System

No Racing Form and No Handicapping Required!

This sounds impossible, but there ARE systems that have been around for years that are based entirely on the toteboard. To put it simply, a hundred no-nothing players can make uninformed $5 bets, and it translates into $500 spread across 8 horses. But when a five-person stable sends in $2,000 on its ‘sure thing,’ the experienced tote watcher can spot it in the blink of an eye.

The Dead Aim System provides a framework for players to find these horses and how to listen when the money "talks.

No, it WON'T do well at every track---but you get the list of where to avoid! And there's much more, all easy to understand to start using right away.

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Planning Makes the Difference!

  Tom Console's THE PLAN

Tom Console has played the horses professionally for over 30 years. He has won two major handicapping tournaments, has hit four Pick 6’s paying $80,000 or more and has pretty much lived out every horseplayer’s dream. He says "...what I have learned from 30+ years of playing this game is that the race goes to the steady rather than the flash in the pan.

Now, Tom has put together his plan to help you approach the game as you would a business you run for profit. It averages 2-to-3 solid plays per racetrack per day. It is very simple to use – you will spot potential plays in just seconds.

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Tom Console's THE PLAN


FREE Longshot Method Included!

Three is Better Than One

Three is Better Than One is a very simple system using specific spot plays and uncomplicated bankroll management.

Just how simple? The rules of Three is Better Than One are designed to have you find your plays on any given race card in one minute or so!

You are required to play 3 horses in qualifying races. That may sound odd, but a multi-track database test showed a profit!

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The Three is Better Than One System


Are You a Lazy Horseplayer?

The Fistful of Winners System

The Fistful of Winners system is ideal for all lazy players! It’s for fans who don’t want to be up all night analyzing past performances and digging into various factors or angles.

The expertise of Public Handicappers is often overlooked by players. They can't give you the winner of every race and that's their disadvantage - having to handicap every race.

However, by applying the simple rules in Fistful of Winners, you can take advantage of the free handicapping of Public Handicappers and go for consistent and steady profits - the lazy way!

If you want efficient and logical selections, and you admit to being a lazy player, Fistful of Winners is the system you should have!

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to Read About Fistful of Winners


3 Systems & More in One Package

Easy Money

Jim Robins has been reviewing and testing systems for the Phillips Racing Newsletter since 2006 and is the Feature Editor of Now, Jim has put together three of his favorite systems into one book, Easy Money!

ATM takes about 3 minutes per race to use, and does not require complex math or a computer. Jim's Fast Angle is even faster, since it eliminates unprofitable races and horses very quickly as the first step. Lucky 7 is another fast approach that works at almost any track. All three are included in Easy Money, available in both print and e-book editions.

Also included as a FREE bonus: the Robins SuperWager Calculator.

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Easy Money WIll Work for You


100% Money Back Guarantee

The HP Money Machine

The Horseplayer’s Money Machine by Dick Johnson is designed to provide the player with a quick, simple, reliable mechanical method for consistently making profits at the racetrack. Mechanical means that you just follow a step-by-step procedure and don’t have to worry about agonizing over every detail in the Racing Form.

The Horseplayer’s Money Machine package also includes
6 additional Dick Johnson Systems:

1) Profit Master  4) The 20/20 Sure Shot
2) True HorsePower 5) Wildcards & Longshots
3) The Trainer/Speed Equation 6) The Shortcut Winning Formula

And as an extra-special bonus, you'll also receive Dick’s exotics blockbuster system, The Opportunist’s Trifecta Power Play (which requires NO handicapping).

It’s a great deal, and if for some odd reason you don’t find anything you like among this vast array of professional handicapping knowledge, just return it for a full refund.

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The HP Money Machine

Helps Narrow Down Contenders Fast

The Master Consensus Platinum v.1.3

With so many systems on the market, sometimes it’s hard to know where to turn. Should you be backing favorites or last start winners? How important are jockey-trainer combinations?

The Master Consensus software applies 23 winning systems to race cards throughout the country to select the most likely winners. You know how long it takes to handicap a single race; imagine the time and effort you can save by having your computer do the job for you.

Eliminate "handicapper's fatigue" and take the stress out of your betting with The Master Consensus.

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The Master Consensus


The Simple Maiden Race
Profit Machine

The title is a giveaway – this system focuses on making profit from Maiden races!  

With just four simple rules, you can handicap up to ten race cards in less than thirty minutes! Maiden races are notoriously difficult for picking winners, resulting in overlays and value betting opportunities! 

An easy, logical system, The Simple Maiden Race Profit Machine is a powerful tool to add to your handicapping toolbox.

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The Simple Maiden Race Profit Machine


by Tom Console

Operation Turf Success

Is it possible to win at the races with no handicapping or studying past performances?

Applying the correct betting methodology is the key to success. Whether or not you have handicapping skills, the methods explained in Operation Turf Success give you an edge in overcoming the odds and gaining the success at the racetrack you’re looking for. (And we're not just talkin' races on the grass, here!)

You can use newspaper picks, computer software or even post positions to make your selections. The Operation Turf Success manual comes with complete, easy-to- understand instructions so even if you're a beginner, you'll be able to jump right in.

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Operation Turf Success


Also Included:

  • A New Look at Ability Times

  • The Sneaky Trainer Angle

  • Angles for Tournament Play

The Angle Emporium

The Angle Emporium is one of the largest collections of winning handicapping angles ever published in one volume! Browse to your heart’s content for angles that fit any situation imaginable.

In the world of handicapping, simplification has taken the form of angles – methods of play based on sound logic that usually takes just a short time to use. And now you can have at your fingertips many of the most profitable angles known to mankind in
The Angle Emporium.

The Angle Emporium is designed to give you that extra edge – the edge that comes from knowing when to apply angles that are proven winners over time. Not only will The Angle Emporium improve the serious player’s game, but it will also provide the casual player and the multi-track simulcast patron a way to locate logical plays quickly! Here's a sampling of what's inside The Angle Emporium:

Maiden & 1st-Time Starter Angles - Daily Double, Exactas & Trifectas -Quirin ‘Speed-Point’ Angles - Beyer Speed Angles - Pace & Turn-Time Angles - Longshot Angles - Winning Angles from Top Players - Multi-Track Simulcasting Strategies

And there are even MORE in this package...

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The Angle Emporium


Spot Plays and Angles

The BK Secret

The BK Secret is a library of spot play angles and methods for players looking for consistent and profitable betting – the goal of all serious horseplayers.

All the betting angles are proven and used in one form or another by professional handicappers across the country. The The BK Secret system rules can be easily understood and applied by either experienced or novice punters.

Looking for a range of methods and systems? The BK Secret is what you're looking for.

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The BK Secret System


Make Money
Betting on Favorites!

The Smart-Bet Professional Formula

The Smart-Bet Professional Formula will show you how betting only on favorites at 9-to-5 or higher will result in a sure-fire positive return on your investment. This is a real no-brainer. No heavy-duty thinking involved!

The Smart-Bet Professional Formula can be used with any good system of play, your own handicapping, or even the picks of a good public selector.

The Smart-Bet Professional Formula combines the theory behind the Kelly Criterion (percentage of bankroll) with a fail-safe progression system that not only works beautifully but also eliminates the drawbacks of both wagering strategies. In other words, The Smart-Bet Professional Formula allows you to capitalize on the upside and minimize the downside of both progression wagering and percentage of bankroll strategies.

All you have to do is implement one of the plan described in the Formula. Use any good system or your own handicapping, and you can sit back and watch the profits grow! Three ways to play: Smart-Bet Win, Smart-Bet Favorite and Smart-Bet Win-Place-Show. You choose the one that fits your style and temperament. The Smart-Bet Professional Formula is extremely easy to use and comes with complete instructions and worksheets.

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Smart-Bet Professional Formula



Sometimes the best handicapping decision is NOT to bet on a race; it’s a sure-fire way to improve your bottom line, and to make your betting more consistent – and enjoyable.

The rules of Super-X are simple and easy to apply. The system is based on distance for the current and previous races, figuring in a speed rating and track variant formula. The system won’t give you action for every single race, but you’ll love the consistency.

If you're looking for a simple system, focused on consistency above all else, take a close look at Super-X.

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the Simple System, Super-X

Class on the Grass

Most players agree it’s not easy to handicap races on turf. With so many variables to consider, it’s never been easy to come up with a winning strategy. 

The answer lies with the methodology of Class on the Grass. Using simple rules, the system identifies three to four likely candidates to box in your exacta and trifecta combinations. Handicapping a race takes no more than four minutes. 

If you're a fan of turf racing and need a little help to fine-tune your handicapping, get Class on the Grass.

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Class on the Grass

The Zarn Effect

Focusing on the odds in previous races is nothing new, but the methodology used in The Zarn Effect is unique and astounding.

The system allows you to eliminate half the field in an instant, and the few additional rules that are used makes handicapping a race simple and fast. A steady stream of winners makes The Zarn Effect a super tool for keying exacta and trifecta combinations. 

The Zarn Effect is easy to understand and use and very consistent. It comes with the Oddly Enough system, too!

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The Zarn Effect


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