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Race Profit Generator
An Amazing Tool for Players

Tom Console's RPG Optimum
(Race Profit Generator)

It's not exaggerating to say that RPG Optimum is one of the most advanced, comprehensive computer handicapping programs ever made!

What Race Profit Generator Optimum does better than any other handicapping program on the market is create a super-detailed, super-sophisticated ‘model’ of every given type of race at every track. Model means that the software creates a ‘picture' of what has occurred in a given type of race in the past, and then scrutinizes this picture, looking at every detail, to determine what characteristics winning and in-the-money horses possess in this type of race.

New features include: -- The Correlation Finder which automatically finds winning Correlations among the many factors in a race; Custom Plays - lets you customize exactly the situations you want the software to find for you;  A faster, more efficient database query: You can choose from one to dozens of handicapping factors in any combination to test. This enables you to create your own successful methods of play; 2nd Call: a new, much more predictive rating based on a horse’s position and deviation from par time at the 2nd call;  Total Pace: the feet-per-second total pace rating, great in sprints; LRC/F rating: shows the class of a horse in last three races, finish position and beaten lengths.

And there are still MANY more tweakable tools for handicappers of all skill levels. Be sure to check this one out!

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 In-Depth Info about T
om Console's Race Profit Generator

Features 10 Methodologies
Includes Pattern Matching

The Superstars of Handicapping
Diamond Edition

 The Superstars of Handicapping Software features 10 different high percentage methodologies to arrive at a consensus.  Using a standard sort function, you can track each methodology individually to be in control of your handicapping for all types of races!

For example, you'll have up-to-the-minute totally accurate trainer stats covering every imaginable situation – layoffs, first-timers, distance, surface switches, etc. All of these stats are also incorporated into the selection process.

Of course, the program also includes the most popular computer handicapping features, like speed/pace/jock/class/earnings charts, options to view/print the daily program, past performances, a summary sheet of suggested wagers, and even more.

And what about Pattern Matching? This feature will detect situations where a runner is coming into a race that closely resembles a situation where the horse performed well previously. This is an enormous help to the horseplayer who would otherwise have no idea that the horse is in a position to run big because the horse has run well previously when today’s probable race shape, pace, distance/surface/pace, etc., were in play.

And the program calculates its own morning line!  It's based on handicapper Mark Cramer’s book, The Odds On Your Side, which details how to calculate an accurate betting line as opposed to someone's best guess at what the odds should be. You'll use this tool over and over again to locate overlooked horses that are overlooked because the general public doesn't have the information you'll have!.

And as if all this wasn't enough, The Superstars of Handicapping also includes the Superfecta Randomizer Software at no extra charge!

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The Superstars of Handicapping


An Easy Way to Use Trainer Stats

Trainer Profit Investor Software
A Powerful Tool to Boost Your Play

A wonderful NEW tool that isolates positive ROI trainer situations! Trainer Profit Investor Software saves you all the recordkeeping, all the research, all the expense and energy you would normally exert in locating positive trainer ROI situations on your own. Trainer Profit Investor Software can be used on its own, or as a ‘verifying’ tool with other software  to supplement and strengthen your own handicapping.

The TPI Software KNOWS which trainers have shown a winning advantage in a situation that applies to today’s race. For example, if today’s race is a turf race and the horse’s previous race was on the dirt AND the trainer has shown a positive ROI with this move in the past, the TPI Program will alert you to this fact without your having to look for it! And if the trainer has more than one Positive ROI Situation, you will know that, too! Obviously, the more positive ROI Situations a trainer has, compared to the rest of the traners in the race, the more likely it is that his horse will run big. There are dozens of race categories that qualify and TPI sorts them out for you with efficient precision.

All of TPI’s stats are updated daily, so when you download Brisnet data files, you will have all the most recent trainer data available. Trainer Profit Investor Software provides you with information that only a very small percentage of players possess — information that will result in higher average mutuels and more frequent visits to the cashier’s window for you!

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Featuring the Total Immersion Process

The Console Continuum
Don't like Databases? Then Keep it Simple with TCC!

What if you could take just three numbers and consolidate 131 total handicapping factors into them?

This is what Tom Console has done in his new program, The Console Continuum. The software continuously calculates and recalculates favorable situations during the selection process (all in less than two seconds) and adjusts the final screen to what it deems the ‘optimum’ playing strategy

Each number represents several dozen important critical handicapping considerations. The Console Continuum does an excellent job at sorting out contenders in just about any type of race. The program generates a super performance tool/number that will lead you to not only the likeliest winner, but also the highest percentage exotic possibilities, including exactas and trifectas, Pick 3s/4s and even a fascinating way to construct low-cost pick five and pick six tickets, giving you a much higher percentage possibility of hitting these wagers.

You will also be provided with complete wagering strategies to increase your percentage of hits in the horizontal (pick 3, 4, 5, etc.) exotics as well as in the verticals (exacta, trifecta, superfecta). Check out The Console Continuum!

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Detailed Explanation of Program Benefits


The N.O.W. Horse

The N.O.W. Horse
The Exciting Program that Spots Trainer/Owner Setups for ‘Win-Ready’ Horses

Most players look at the pp's, speed figures, recent form, and the usual factors that bettors have been using for decades to choose which horse to bet. And sometimes, trainers/owners come into the calculating.

Obvious Bottom Line: the purses go to the trainers/owners who are best able to have their horses ready to win on race day. The trick for players is to know which horses are win-ready. And now, this unique software makes solving that puzzle a lot easier!

N.O.W. stands for Never Overlook Winning moves. The program uses a super-consistent formula that locates horses being moved into high-% win/place situations by their connections. This enables players to focus not only on active win/place situations but to also find horses with big point spreads that are likely ‘singles’ in the horizontal exotics (daily double, pick 3, 4, etc).

The N.O.W Horse includes all of the popular RPM Program features such as View/Print PPs/daily programs, up-to-the- minute trainer stats/graphic chartings for speed, pace, earnings, class, jock/trainer combos and of course the Summary Bet Sheet that displays all of the day’s plays without having to look at every individual race.

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The N.O.W Horse


Great Racing Software
Pace Handicapper? You'll LOVE This!

Thoro-Rate Pro

Thoro-Rate Pro produces extremely sophisticated performance ratings, ratings that measure every aspect of previous performance -- and then PROJECTS those ratings into each horse's likely performance today. Thoro-Rate Pro also contains a great tool called Momentum.  This  measures the amount of energy, if you will, a horse is bringing into today’s race.

Thoro-Rate Pro is designed to measure dozens of performance statistics for every horse that it gives ratings to. The ratings are called Comprehensive Performance Ratings since they encompass many different aspects of racing performance.

Thoro-Rate Pro numbers also include weighted ratings for every trainer and jockey, as well as weighted ratings for every jockey/trainer team.

In addition, the class formula Thoro-Rate Pro uses cuts through all the babble of those sometimes very weird race conditions written by the Racing Secretary. Thoro-Rate Pro also judges each horse’s class ability based on his/her performance in recent races at various class levels and then projects that runner’s class suitability for today’s race.

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Thoro-Rate Pro


A Pace Handicapping Specialty

Turn-Time Plus

If you're interested in pace handicapping, check this out: Turn-Time Plus is designed to uncover horses whose ‘bursts of speed’, so to speak, are hidden from most players' eyes in the pp lines.  

First, the unique formula in Turn-Time Plus combines different turn-time scores but with a special adjustment-"penalties" for distances that are actually shorter or longer than the the reported distances. That adjustment is used, for example, when the timer at the start of the race does not start ticking until 70 yards into the race, which happens at a number of tracks. 

Turn-Time Plus then uses formulas for Trainer/Jockey strength and calculations for consistency to calculate ratings to spot overlooked horses that have a pace advantage. A true overlay-producing software program.

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and More of the Useful Tools in Turn-Time Plus


A Great Speed Handicapping Tool!

Best Bets, Prime
Fast, Easy, & Guaranteed

Master computer programmer Len Cyzyniejewski is the brains behind much of the software you see here. After producing some great methodologies, he reconfigured his huge database to focus only on factors that produced a large ROI (Return on Investment), whether it came from a single factor or from a combination of many factors.

That's how Best Bets, Prime was created! Centered around five elimination rules, Best Bets, Prime can be used on most races on both dirt and turf. You will average about 3-4 plays per track per day. If you handicap with speed figures and/or use Quirin Speed Points as part of your selection process, Best Bets, Prime is a must for your handicapping toolkit!

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Special Free Bonus Features Included in Best Bets, Prime


Zeroing in on the Money Horses

True Tenders Advanced

If you have trouble picking that small group of horses which produce the winner and in-the-money finishers, this is for you! True Tenders Advanced narrows even the toughest field down to a select few and does so regardless of the type of race, class, and size of the field!

True Tenders Advanced can pick through the sometimes very strange race conditions written by racing secretaries at small and large tracks alike, saving you lots of head-scratching and downright confusion!

In addition, True Tenders Advanced will point out situations where a standout single horse is present, or a viable Dutching opportunity exists.

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and for More Details about True Tenders Advanced


Now in Software!

The Cash Cluster

The really neat thing about The Cash Cluster is that it is an across the board system that makes money playing to win, place and show. Since you can make a nice profit playing just to show, many Cash Cluster users also incorporate modified show parlays into their wagering plans. The Cash Cluster is the perfect system for the conservative bettor, and because it is so simple to figure and so , chances are good that you will be using CC for the a long time.

The Cash Cluster is a method you can use ‘on the side’, so to speak, meaning that it is so simple and takes so little time that you simply play the horses when they qualify, while at the same time you can also concentrate on your longshot plays, your usual computer plays, etc. 

The Cash Cluster not only produces good profits, but because positive returns are realized in the win, place and show columns, the earnings are  very steady; in other words: no long runouts. So give The Cash Cluster a try. The method is fully refundable. You have nothing to lose – and everything to gain.

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and More Info on The Cash Cluster


Standing the Test of Time

Tom Console's Mighty MC System
Making the Most of  Basic Factors

The Mighty MC System is a complete handicapping system which Tom Console and his brother Steve developed and used back in the late 1980’s, through mid 1990’s. And it is still totally valid today! Tom uses "SPACE," a combination of speed and pace, which makes adjustments to a horse's final speed based on the second call of the race. The system also uses a projected speed rating which is calculated from multiple races.

The Mighty MC System then blends in other factors such as class, earnings, positions, and others, to have the program generate ratings and rankings that used to take a LOT of time for players to crank out by hand. "Traditional" Player? You'll love The Mighty MC System!

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Speed & Pace in a
Completely New Light

The Pro Point Speed Wizard
"Beyer Think" Comes to Software!

Dr. William Nill was a retired math professor and handicapper who found his own niche and played it for years.

In the early 90's Dr. Nill  developed an incredibly unique methodology using a factor that is readily apparent to anybody looking at a horse's past performances. He took a look at the most common speed figure used by handicappers at the time--the Beyer Speed Figures--and discovered a way to use them creatively rather than just at face value.

Dr. Nill  found that the vast majority of players were using the Beyer numbers simply at face value, which overemphasized them as a handicapping factor. That was something that created great value on other runners.   He concluded that while the Beyer Figures were accurate, they were one-dimensional figures that measured only final time. What he found was how to use a couple of other numbers to spot what most players today call real value bets.

 He found a winning way to incorporate pace figures to spot runners worth betting.

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The Pro Point Speed Wizard


What Do Horses Have in Common
with the Stock Market?

The Race Probability Module

Handicapping software designed by a successful stock trader???

Investor/horseplayer Jack Ott's method is based on ‘break-out’ stocks, which he has translated into ‘break-out’ horses. In the stock market, smart technicians look for stocks that may be ready to ‘break out’, i.e., jump to the upside in price based on proven patterns.

Jack says that there are ‘break-out’ horses as well, patterns hiding in the past performance lines, that the Race Probability Module will spot, often at great odds. While a stock, bond or commodity may show a ‘building’ pattern over several months or longer before the breakout occurs — things happen much quicker in this game since the time frame is condensed down to weeks or even just days.

The Race Probability Module is certainly one of the most uncommon computer handicapping programs yet. If the idea of spotting "break-out" horses makes sense to you, take the time to learn more it!

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C-WIN + !

C-WIN + !

is an accurate claiming race handicapping method that employs elements that are largely ignored by the general public, thereby insuring high average mutuel payoffs. The C  stands for Class, Consistency, and Connections.

C-Win +! does not rely solely on final speed figures, taking an approach that stands apart from traditional handicapping.

This program comes with a special new feature – The Bris Power Number. This is a rating that measures a horse's total performance as opposed to other numbers that simply measure speed. What's included? Track bias, variant, class, micro-pace factors, race shape, turn times, trainer/owner/jockey stats and more--a total of 37 critical factors!

If you like to handicap claiming races, you'll definitely want to learn more about C-WIN+! 

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and for More Info on C-WIN+ !


Simple, Easy,
Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Armstrong-3 Method

A purely mechanical system that earns consistent profits? Impossible? Some people call it magic, Tom Console calls it hard work.

Created by his handicapping friend, Tony Armstrong, the Armstrong-3 will enable you to handicap a race in less than one minute, and you can play just about any race, any surface, under any conditions!

If you're a casual player or a weekend warrior, this one's for you!  Armstrong-3 includes a complete set of rules to come up with powerful exactas, trifectas, and pick-3s, too.

And Armstrong-3 comes with a full money-back guarantee!

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Speed Figure Handicapper?

You have to see this!


The Beyer Positive Elimination Method
with the S/C Play

If you use speed figures to handicap, especially Beyer Speed Figures, handicapper Jeff Goldstein has something that will interest you:
The Beyer Postive Elimination Method! It includes the never-before-published S/C Play.

Jeff says "The principal idea of this system is to find horses which are in form, and which have a Beyer (or any other speed rating) edge, a ‘reverse’ edge, as I call it. The prices overall are modest, but with a high win % and very brief runouts  The system is simplicity itself, and once you are familiar with it, you will be able to determine whether or not a horse is a system play or not very quickly."

There are no plays in either Maiden races or 2-year-old races. The Beyer Positive Elimination Method analyzes races for horses in the 3-year-old to 8-year-old age group. The basis of the method is the elimination of non-contenders, which you will be able to do almost instantly once you know the rules.

The program also includes the most popular computer handicapping features, like the Summary Bets Screen, FREE Daily Program, FREE pp's, Speed/Class/Earnings/Pace Charts, and more!

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and Ordering Info


TONS of Easy-to-Read Info!

The Blaskower Magnificent 7

This is truly the BEST of the BEST from racing system author Charles Blaskower!

The 7 angles used in this software are: 1) hidden in-form horses; 2) performance improvement points; 3) probability to hit the board; 4) workouts  "within" races; 5) probable repeat winners; 6) horses who can hang on; and 7) hidden form longshots.

But that's not all! State of the art charts display final speed, pace, class, earnings, and early speed numbers.

And you ALSO get precise trainer stats and printing options for past performances and daily programs! WOW--all this in one great computer program!

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The Magnificent Seven in Action


From the 2014 Seminar

Tom Console's
How I Win at the Races

You may be just a short way from making the leap from being a good handicapper to a GREAT handicapper! That's what seminar participants learned in 2014 from Tom Console and it's what Tom has put into book format for players everywhere.

While it may seem a little too simple to say you can be a winner if you do the right things in the proper order, Tom says that really is the essence of handicapping, and spells it out in How I Win at the Races.

In a simple format, Tom talks about picking winners, what he calls "select" favorites, and making the most of exotic wagers. You'll learn what the simple factors are that a contender has to have to significantly increase your odds of winning.

And much more! Available in Pencil & Paper version or computer software.

Click Here for Results of a 3-year Study and to Learn More

Easy-to-Use Computer Software

The Trandex Zero-Line Program

Sometimes, great discoveries are made when you're looking for something else. That's how Trandex came about.  And what is Trandex? It's a computer program that analyzes the question "What factor does the horse’s past odds contribute to in determining how well that horse will run today?"

The research's bottom line: ONE of the THIRD highest odds from either of the past TWO races finished in the top two of the current race about one fourth of the time. This is an angle that will allow you to locate horses that you otherwise would never have given a second look!

It's simple, easy, and makes a wonderful addition to any handicapping approach to add a little more action and let you create your own spots plays.

Click Here for Trandex Screenshots & User Comments



Easy-Money Pro (EZ-MoPro for short) is the first publication to present in detail tried-and-true methodologies used by professional horseplayers.

The 70+ page book will introduce you to great pro players like the bettor who bets only daily doubles; the East coast "trifecta king"; the southern California "parlay king"; and other pros who share their tactics in detail with you.

Two highlights: from pro player Tim Maas: Recognizing the Exceptional Horse (Handicapping Outside the Curve) and a money management tool to help lock in profits in the place and show pools.

It's like a seminar you can hold in your hands anytime you want!

Click Here for Complete Listing and Ordering Information


*** The S-UDB Place/Show Profit Maker ***

A super consistent method from the king of the winning spot play, Jon Worth, one of America's most respected handicappers!

Known for conservative methods, often involving place and show wagering, Jon created this powerful system that can handicap an entire card in less than ten minutes! Perfect for playing multiple tracks at your simulcast parlor.

Remember: this is for primarily betting place and show. And there's nothing wrong with that when runouts are extremely rare. Very few handicapping methods can honestly make that claim.

Click Here for the History and Test Results of
this Amazing Method from Jon Worth

Planning Makes the Difference!

  Tom Console's

Tom Console has played the horses professionally for over 30 years. He has won two major handicapping tournaments, has hit four Pick 6’s paying $80,000 or more and has pretty much lived out every horseplayer’s dream. He says "...what I have learned from 30+ years of playing this game is that the race goes to the steady rather than the flash in the pan.

Now, Tom has put together his plan to help you approach the game as you would a business you run for profit. It averages 2-to-3 solid plays per racetrack per day. It is very simple to use – you will spot potential plays in just seconds.

Click Here for Q&A and User Reviews of
Tom Console's THE PLAN


The Briggs Code
An Amazing Computer Approach for Handicapping

The Briggs Code is data point selection software that, to put it simply, focuses on identifying class and especially hidden class. This unique program analyzes class, surface, distance, sex, and other traditional handicapping factors and then looks for the horse or horse with the most data points to determine whether there’s a bet or not Yes, The Briggs Code will also tell you if there are no clear-cut contenders!

 As you might infer, The Briggs Code is excellent for structuring exacta plays as well as win bets. The program also features an incredible array of other important handicapping ‘helpers’, such as state-of-the-art charts, up-to-the-minute precise trainer statistics, FREE daily program, FREE Past Performances to view and/or print out, and a Summary Picks Page that will immediately show you the recommended plays without having to open up every individual race!

Click Here for an Easy-to-Understand Explanation
and Multiple Screenshots of The Briggs Code


Discover the Secret of Odds Patterns

The Wizard of Odds

The Wizard of Odds program does some dazzling things and what it produces is one of the most distinctive handicapping factors a player can have. So what does it do, specifically? The Wizard of Odds analyzes each and every horse’s recent odds patterns, combines that information with recent performance patterns, and determines what ‘fair’ value would be in order to confidently wager.

WOW, eh? The Wizard of Odds has its roots in handicapping author Burton Fabricand's 1965 work, Horse Sense: A New and Rigorous Application of Mathematical Methods to Successful Betting At The Track. His method was based on locating underbet favorites, but a careful read of his material demonstrated that the method could also be applied to higher priced horses as long as value was present.

There's more fascinating reading about the concept and the program, so...

Click Here for More Information on The Wizard of Odds



An amazing NO-HANDICAPPING method of playing the horses!

Skeptical? Read on...

Over the last couple of decades, weight seems to have almost faded away as a handicapping factor, with increased emphasis on pace, speed, and fractions. But the fact is that weight remains an important handicapping factor.

And racing system author Jeff Silliphant has found the simple key to using weight with ONE OTHER significant factor to create a great spot play! Available in Pencil & Paper version or computer software.

Click Here for a Mini-Lesson on Weight and Conditions
and Details on WEIGHT FOR IT!


3-D Spot Play System Included FREE!

The "Win" Place

A simple system of using Win and Exacta Wagers that returned an amazingly high ROI in testing! Handicappers Jeff Silliphant and Jim Robins teamed to find a strategy that would return 50% ROI and still be super easy to use. They did it!

Fans of systems will be very pleased with the ease of use, consistency, and profitability of The "Win" Place.

Click Here to Find Out More about The "Win" Place
and the Handicappers Who Created It


The Super Secret Method

Do you know Tom Harkins? Tom has written hundreds of columns covering 40 years of watching the races. And now, he's put together The Power Number Super Secret Method! Using factors he developed, such as the Speed of Race factor which isolates the likely early leader, Tom says the secret to success at the track is the adjustments he makes to racing info that others do not make! 

The Power Number Super Secret Method sorts through all the handicapping "stuff" most players use and gets to the strongest horses easily and quickly. It also spots strong Exacta/Trifecta wagers when they are realistic.

Click Here to meet Tom and to View Graphics
of Race Analyses and Results


The Odds Often Predict the Future

Future Pic

What? You don't need to be at the track or see the odds to play?

Future Pic, a new methodology from a software engineer horseplayer based heavily on previous odds patterns says it's true! David Kempler says previous race betting patterns make up the key to winning. Can horses in certain races be using as betting "tools?"

Based on patters that have been proven to be predictive of winners, Future Pic is a simple, unique approach to the game.

Click Here to See Annotated Race Examples and
Read More about This Uncommon Handicapping Style


Includes FREE Trainer Angle System!

The Selectrix Key Speed System

Speed wins races. But why is it so hard to determine the true speed horses who can win? The Selectrix Key Speed System is one player's answer to isolate speed horses who have the best chances to finish first or second in sprint races.

The Selectrix Key Speed System is especially suited for casual players who like the idea of isolating key horses for use in Exacta wagering.

Click Here for How It Works and
LOTS of Graphic Examples


Powerful Computer Handicapping
by David Powers


When you purchase the PHQS software, you’ll also receive three other great selection software programs:

1) The Bonus Turf Program—one of the few programs that works effectively on turf

2) The Better-Late-Than-Never Maiden Program—a Maiden super-selector

3) The Gift Horse II—one of best longshot systems of all time, now on disk



The Power Handicapping
Quick Selection Package

David Powers' Power Handicapping Quick Selection Package is one of the most comprehensive computer handicapping programs available. Here's what David says:

The purpose of the of the original
PHQS Package was to create an easy-to-use, mechanical selection method that would closely mimic the results of our Power Plus Ratings, which we have used for years.

The research involved sifting thru literally hundreds of thousands of "combination" factors, all of which could be readily found in the past performances. 

When our data analyst provided us with the finished product, we knew we had something good, but we really didn’t know how good until the flood of calls and letters from happy, satisfied customers started coming in.

Named one of Phillips Racing Newsletter’s top 10 products of the year, the
Power Handicapping Quick Selection Package offers you benefits like these:

  • Up-to-the-minute trainer stats in two versions
  • Print a Daily Program with the click of a button
  • View graphic chartings showing which horses are superior in Pace, Early Speed, Class (Kelly # Chart), Jockey/Trainer, and Earnings
  • Betting Strategies for Every Situation
  • A complete wagering guide is included, or you can simply click on the  ‘BET’ button, and the strategies will be listed on your monitor
  • Full 1-800 Customer Support
  • Uses simple $1 BRIS PP Files

There's much more in the Power Handicapping Quick Selection Package, so spend some time visiting the detailed description and looking at screenshots using this link:

Click Here to Learn More about PHQS

The TOTTO Method


Translation: Twice Over Ten to One. A system devoted entirely to longshots! To put it simply: The TOTTO Method finds races where the favorite is an iffy prospect and then searches out a longshot who has a good chance.

A totally new longshot concept, TOTTO uses certain simple patterns in combination with other indicators to spot plays. Patience in playing is a key, but TOTTO's picks are almost always ones the public will ignore.

Click Here to Read the TOTTO Story
and See Sample Races Results


Created Especially
for Claiming Races

The Claiming Race
Money Secret

There’s very little glory in following claiming races. None of these horses are likely to win the Triple Crown – yet there will always be a winner, often at huge odds.

The secret lies with the trainer. In poor quality fields there will be often be a standout runner, a horse that seemingly has no business being in such a race! The Claiming Race Money Secret uses simple rules to identify likely winners, and a unique investment strategy turns the selections into profit! 

If you're more concerned with profit and value than picking the winners of the big races, The Claiming Race Money Secret is for you.

Click Here to Learn More about
The Claiming Race Money Secret 


A Favorites-Based System!

The Racetrack Millionaire and SuperChalk

If you’ve always wanted a winning system that bets on favorites, The Racetrack Millionaire and SuperChalk is a must-have! New data analysis has improved the system, giving you more winners and even greater consistency.  

A favorites system that gives consistent winners is every player's dream, but you must act now, as this is the last time the system will be offered to the betting public. 

Buy now and you’ll receive two additional single rule systems: The Las Vegas Horseplayers’ Bible Method and Profit Pattern Longshots!

Click Here for a Great
Favorites-Based Racing System


What Is The Colonel's Secret?

The Colonel's Secret

A previously unpublished system from a legendary handicapper?

Developed from an old manuscript by "the Colonel," you'd expect to hear about a system centered around the final fraction of a race. But that's not even mentioned!

While much of the system does involve familiar handicapping ideas, The Colonel's Secret uses a couple of rather odd indicators, and it is these indicators that make the difference between a modestly profitable system and a very profitable system. You'll want to read the fascinating history and story of how The Colonel's Secret was discovered, so...

Click Here for How the Secret was Uncovered
and to View Testing Results


Play Maiden Races with Confidence!

Tom Console's Maiden 3-Pack

WOW! Look at this: A system for younger maidens - A system for older maidens-and a Lou Holloway system for claiming races all in one computer program!

The screen display is extremely well-suited for maiden races, making it very easy to quickly see data pertaining to maiden races in a logical way that makes sense.

The program includes:

* The Maiden Miracle
* The Maiden Profit Machine
* The Holloway Tri-Factor


The Trainer Cover-Up Angle

When is the trainer "going for it?" Is today the day he'll crack down? Many players second-guess trainers all the time and then get very angry when they're wrong.

The Trainer Cover-Up Angle program spots the "tells" in combination with current trainer and jockey stats to alert you when a trainer has picked a race especially well-suited for his horse.

Don't just guess when it comes to trainer intention--let your computer give you a leg up quickly and easily with The Trainer Cover-Up Angle program.

Click Here for Screenshots and More Details

Helps Narrow Down Contenders Fast

The Master Consensus Platinum v.1.3

With so many systems on the market, sometimes it’s hard to know where to turn. Should you be backing favorites or last start winners? How important are jockey-trainer combinations?

The Master Consensus software applies 23 winning systems to race cards throughout the country to select the most likely winners. You know how long it takes to handicap a single race; imagine the time and effort you can save by having your computer do the job for you.

Eliminate "handicapper's fatigue" and take the stress out of your betting with The Master Consensus.

Click Here to Learn More about
The Master Consensus




Is it possible to have a situation where a horse is given every chance to win even before the race is run? Can a race be "tailor-made" for one runner?

Author Len Cz says "yes" and explains how to spot such races in Tailor-Made. Some might call such setups favors or paybacks, but it's an established fact that some races are written with conditions especially designed for basically one horse. These are NOT "fixed" races. They've been carded at all size track for many years.

Handicapper Tom Console explains Tailor-Made as  "...a very simple, easy to understand and quick to figure angle, that actually peeks under the sheets, so to speak, of a racetrack’s business dealings with owners and trainers, and in doing so allows you and me to benefit from the often large mutuel payoffs that occur when one of these set-ups are successful, and they often are."

Free Bonus program included: the Superfecta-Selector

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A Claiming Race Method
that Generates a Positive ROI

Mark Cramer’s
Short Form Paradigm

If you’re looking for a system that is logical, easy to use and filters out false favorites, you need to consider the Short Form Paradigm Software

The software looks for good horses in otherwise poor fields. Not only does it select likely winners, it also selects appropriate races to place bets in. For example, if a race has too many quality horses, that race will be rejected. Trainer/jockey combinations and horse performance data are all considered before selections are highlighted by the program. 

A system that's logical and simple to use, Mark Cramer’s Short Form Paradigm is a very special, well-researched and tested computer handicapping program that WORKS!

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This Unique Computer Program


Analyzes 17 Factors in Just Seconds!

The Angle Emporium

The Angle Emporium, in its original book form, is the most thorough compilation of winning horse racing angles ever published. While you needed to do each angle longhand from the book, with the software the best angles are all programmed in.

And, since a horse with a winning angle in his/her corner has an edge, imagine if a horse has two, or three, or several angles going for it! Wouldn’t it just make logical sense that that horse would have an even bigger edge?

Of course it would, and our tests have proven that, indeed, multi-angle horses win more often, hit the Exacta and Trifecta more often, and wagering as the software suggests produces profits in several different areas.

Not only will The Angle Emporium improve the serious player’s game, but it will also provide the casual player and the multi-track simulcast player a way to locate logical plays fast!

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The Angle Emporium

3 Systems & More in One Package

Easy Money

Jim Robins has been reviewing and testing systems for the Phillips Racing Newsletter since 2006 and is the Feature Editor of Now, Jim has put together three of his favorite systems into one book, Easy Money!

ATM takes about 3 minutes per race to use, and does not require complex math or a computer. Jim's Fast Angle is even faster, since it eliminates unprofitable races and horses very quickly as the first step. Lucky 7 is another fast approach that works at almost any track. All three are included in Easy Money, available in both print and e-book editions.

Also included as a FREE bonus: the Robins SuperWager Calculator.

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Let the Software Spot the Plays for You!

The One Minute Handicapper

Take the guesswork out of your handicapping by tapping into the methods of one the nation's leading handicappers who has demonstrated his approach at tracks across the U.S.

The One Minute Handicapper identifies multiple Betting Situations which are likely to lead to winning selections. When these situations are identified in a single selection your chances of winning are multiplied many times over.

The BETTING SITUATION concept is NOT a system! It doesn't re-invent the wheel. It's a time- tested proven method, using the same readily available Daily Racing Form, tote board and official entry information as professional handicappers use. The One Minute Handicapper will teach you how to consistently pick Winners!

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The One Minute Handicapper


Each Screen Full of Great Analysis

Race Profit Generator II

If you're a sophisticated bettor looking for comprehensive software to perform your own handicapping tasks, take a look at Race Profit Generator II.

The software inputs 300+ vital handicapping factors for every horse in the race. It creates an image of similar races and generates a logical picture for the running of the race you're looking at.

Race Profit Generator II is a great time-saver and unique tool for all handicappers at all levels, beginner, experienced or pro.

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Race Profit Generator II


Includes FREE Dutching Chart Book

Project UFON 3000:
A Most Unusual System

Speed, class, trainer ratings and a touch of...Numerology???

It may sound wacky at first, but if you've been around horseplayers awhile, you know that there are more than a few who bet numbers for what are, frankly, very strange reasons.

Project UFON 3000 uses the Universal Day Number as one part of its calculations, combined with a selection of traditional handicapping factors.

The background is one of the most unusual racing stories you'll ever read. So for all the details and screenshots...

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Helps You to Play with Confidence

The Safe and Sure Method

If you're a fan of  betting systems that score consistently, you won’t want to miss out on The Safe and Sure Method.

The Safe and Sure Method handicaps an entire race card in seconds, and comes up with three levels of selection to suit your appetite for risk. You won’t score longshots with this system, but profit is the name of the game.

Buy The Safe and Sure Method now and get a great FREE program with your order, Across the Board Overlays!

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Combines Speed & Class for You

Speed Matrix Plus

Speed is all-important in winning races. Sounds a little obvious, but it’s a complicated process to compare speed ratings in various classes over different racetracks. And then, if you're an experienced player, you'll take into account variable weather conditions and track surfaces, too.

With Speed Matrix Plus, all the work is done for you! By combining a speed matrix formula with a unique class rating, winning horses are spotted for you on a regular basis by the program. 

Speed Matrix Plus is a comprehensive package for the serious handicapper!

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Speed Matrix Plus


Especially Created for
Analyzing Distance Changes

The 'Switch'/Vesper 41

The Switch is a sophisticated software program that solves the player's dilemma of handicapping horses switching distances. 

The Switch uses a sophisticated formula that determines a horse’s chances of winning based on a number of factors, including distance form, trainers’ results with changing racing distances, for their horses, and jockey data.

Get The Switch now, and you’ll also get the bonus system Vesper 41, a unique method that identifies excusable last start failures, with winners often paying huge prices next time out.

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Understanding Distance Switches


by Tom Console

Tom Console’s Exacta Extractor

There are very few systems that exclusively target exactas and trifectas. If you’re a horseplayer who likes the idea of hitting those big payouts, on a surprisingly consistent basis, you need to take a look at the Exacta Extractor

The Exacta Extractor system combines two previous winning selection methods and adds in a pace factor, which makes all the difference. Using provider files, the software applies its rules over the day's race card in seconds, removing any guesswork on your part! 

The Exacta Extractor is a great exotic wagering tool that will help you to construct exact and trifecta wagers quickly and easily.

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Tom Console's Exacta Extractor


The Trainer's Edge

The title speaks for itself: The Trainer's Edge is a unique method that focuses on trainer performance. It's a logical system that assumes a successful trainer knows how to produce top quality horses, ready to win. 

The software extracts often ignored trainer information from provider files and identifies horses that are primed to win – often at huge odds, perfect for keying exactas. Additional filters and rules produce confidence scores. These rating are very helpful in helping you how to decide how to construct your bets from race to race.

The Trainer’s Edge comes with a full money-back guarantee, so buying it really is...a no-brainer!

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The Trainer's Edge


All Aboard the Win-More Express!

The Win-More Express

You know that speed is an important factor in horses winning races. The Win-More Express analyzes pace in a horse's previous races to spot overlooked horses that are ready to win.

The Win-More Express uses a formula based on feet-per-second and compares current par times for the surface and track. The Win-More Express also has features like the “fooler” filter, which targets horses whose form would normally rule them out, but whose pace analysis makes them a strong value bet. 

The Win-More Express comes with special bonus software, too!

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X-Minus-1 and
The Super
study Cash-In Angle

The highly successful paper system X-Minus-1 has now been forged into computer software. The system uses sophisticated, complex data, which your computer analyzes very quickly. What a big advantage to help free up more "thinking time" for the serious handicapper!

Complex algorithms are used in X-Minus-1 to evaluate pace factors. Fractional times are programmed to analyze the whole race card in seconds, and a points spread makes it a breeze to identify value bets.  

Combined with the proven SuperStudy Cash-In-Angle and several wagering systems to take advantage of value bets, X-Minus-1 is a powerful addition to anyone who uses a computer to help in their handicapping.

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Makes the Search for Profits Easier

Show A Profit/Place To Win

If you’re looking for more consistency in your betting, rather than long shots or huge trifecta and exacta payouts, then Show A Profit  is something you should consider.

Both Show A Profit and Place to Win  systems focus on getting consistent results for win, place and show betting. Of course, the dividends are not huge, but the regular payouts more than make up for it. An added benefit of the consistency is that the generated selections can be used to anchor exacta and trifecta combinations.

If consistency is what you need to play stronger, get Show a Profit/Place to Win software!

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Show a Profit/Place to Win


A 100% Mechanical System


A mechanical system, removing all elements of judgement and other human factors, has long been the Holy Grail for players. Max-21 does all the "grunt" work for you and makes the selections as well!

You can even handicap the races manually, if you enjoy poring over form guides. The initial filter scan used in Max-21 usually eliminates half the field and the remaining rules make it a breeze to handicap a race in less than three minutes.

Be sure to specify software version.

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Conservative Horseplayers


The Astro Tote Board Selector

Yes, a system based on numerology! The Astro part in the title is because the methodology works better on certain days of the week, or when the moon is out...or so it's been said.

Face it -- we've all met the player who hits the races now and then who bets on horse color, hunches, and even makes a pick based on his/her horoscope or even numerology.

Suspending judgement on this type of system is certainly a requirement, but all you need is the toteboard and the Astro Tote Board rules, which are easily explained.

If you're the type of player who does, in fact, use numerology in your life - and occasionally at the races, the Astro Tote Board system is for you.

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The Astro Tote Board Selector System


Includes FREE New State Lotto Strategy

The Astro Certain/Magic Numbers Selector

Most horseplayers have no trouble using things they don't fully understand with no problem--such as vehicles, cell phones, computers, and even the Internet! But these same people say "No Way!" when it comes to numerology and handicapping.

Fact is, many horseplayers are also numbers players and have no qualms about using "magic" numbers. Astro Certain is for these players.

Astro Certain does all the math and displays the numerologic formulas for your exotic combinations onscreen. If this suits your style of play, then...

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and Software Details


A Different Way to Play

The Astro Rotation

Magic System

Many handicappers scoff at those players who openly admit they use Numerology or Astrology to pick horses to bet at the races. But there are many players who are convinced that using such unorthodox approaches is the right way to go for them.

Jerry Howell is one of those players and he is quite open about saying there's no handicapping or thinking involved in The Astro Rotation Magic System! Plays are automatic. Jerry developed his "Rotation" Theory, which has a basis in Numerology, and refined it to match seasonal ‘cycles’ he had researched. A simple explanation of this complex subject is that it is very similar to form cycles in racing, where horses go in and out of form. In the practice of Numerology, certain numbers ‘rotate’ into and out of favor.  The Astro Rotation Magic System catches these trends for you.

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This Most Unusual System


Let Your Computer Help You
Get to the Cash!

The Bank Robber Longshot Method

An amazing longshot method of play that focuses on the exotics--exactas, trifectas, and superfectas.

It’s called The Bank Robber Method and it’s the kind of method that can net a big score for you!

The Bank Robber Method
is a computer program that's super easy to use. Download the races you want to play (from BRISnet) and just follow the simple instructions. The exotic wager contenders are clearly displayed and the factors that make them contenders are ALSO clearly shown on your computer monitor.

The Bank Robber Method spells out intelligent and professional guidelines on exotic play with ticket costs ranging from $4 to $36. One good score will more than pay for the cost of this method.

Like longshots? Check this exciting program out!

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The Bank Robber Longshot Method


The Zarn Effect

Focusing on the odds in previous races is nothing new, but the methodology used in The Zarn Effect is unique and astounding.

The system allows you to eliminate half the field in an instant, and the few additional rules that are used makes handicapping a race simple and fast. A steady stream of winners makes The Zarn Effect a super tool for keying exacta and trifecta combinations. 

The Zarn Effect is easy to understand and use and very consistent. It comes with the Oddly Enough system, too!

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The Zarn Effect


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