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Created Especially for Claiming Races

 The Claiming Race Money Secret

There’s very little glory in following claiming races. None of these horses are likely to win the Triple Crown – yet there will always be a winner, often at huge odds.

The secret lies with the trainer. In poor quality fields there will be often be a standout runner, a horse that seemingly has no business being in such a race! The Claiming Race Money Secret uses simple rules to identify likely winners, and a unique investment strategy turns the selections into profit! 

If you're more concerned with profit and value than picking the winners of the big races, The Claiming Race Money Secret is for you.

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The Claiming Race Money Secret 

New from Jeff Sillifant

 Work$ for Ca$h

An often overlooked aspect of handicapping is analysis of morning workouts. Any angle that is neglected by handicappers is worth looking at to obtain value, often at huge odds. That's what makes Work$ for Ca$h an intriguing system.

Applying a few simple rules plus factoring in morning moves will make your bank balance grow and put a smile on your face.   

All you need is a pen, calculator, access to your preferred workout information and a copy of Work$ for Ca$h!

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Morning Workouts System

Find Your Strength and Play It!

Winning Through Specialization

Forget trying to be an expert in every aspect of handicapping. Specialization is the key and knowing a lot about a little is the road to riches.

If you’d like to be able to whiz through a race book, and make your selections in minutes, then you must have Winning Through Specialization! Easy-to-understand rules give you eight different methods to spot winners at multiple racetracks.

Combined with your own discipline and a superb money management program, Winning through Specialization will help you to play smarter and better.

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Winning Through Specialization

 Beaten Favorites Bandwagon

We all know that betting on last start beaten favorites is a sure winner, right? Wrong!

Research shows betting on every beaten favorite is a certain way to lose.

With the Beaten Favorites Bandwagon, a filtering system is applied, so that you don’t bet on every beaten favorite, just on qualifiers. There’s plenty of action, even after applying the simple rules. Just playing on four tracks should give you five to seven qualifiers every race day!

Jump on the Beaten Favorites Bandwagon and see how beaten favorites can grow your bank balance!

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A Great Collection of Racing Info

The Mike Helm Library

If you’re looking for more than system betting, The Mike Helm Library is a must have for any serious player.

An in-depth look at trainer and pedigree stats adds to any player’s arsenal.  Up-to-date sire and trainer data – including debut winners – plus turf records takes the guesswork out of quality handicapping.  

The Mike Helm Library gives you the information – and knowledge - normally reserved for professional handicappers. Buy now!

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Mike Helm's Trainer and Pedigree Stats

A Great Way to
Earn Steady Profits!

Hammering the Chalk

Hammering the Chalk is a system that teaches you how to play selected favorites and rack up steady profits at the racetrack - and all with very little thinking and no handicapping on your part!

You will be wagering only on horses that have an extremely high chance of hitting the board. We’ve seen consecutive runs of 27-plus winning tickets and only on very, very rare occasions will you lose two wagers in a row.

The vast majority of your bets will be to place and show and the payoffs will be small. However, at
a hit rate that can exceed 90%, however, you don’t need big prices to make good, steady profits.

No, it’s not the most exciting method in the world. You won’t be cashing $44 winners and/or $675 Trifectas. But let’s face it, is it that occasional chance at glory that you’re interested in. or do you actually want to make money at the racetrack? Because if you do want to make money, consistent money, and you don’t want to suffer the stress of long runouts, then you will want to have Hammering The Chalk in your handicapping arsenal.

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Hammering the Chalk

Money Per Race


If you’re looking for a simple yet successful way to improve your racetrack success, consider adding Money Per Race to your handicapping library.

A few simple calculations will tell you whether a race is playable or not. You don’t have to worry about trainer or jockeys. Pre-race workouts don’t come into it, and track conditions or weather changes don’t matter either!

More good news! When the favorite is selected, the winning percentage jumps dramatically, so it’s a real chance to avoid any long runouts.

Just as importantly, Money Per Race tells you which races are NOT playable, so it will save you money as well. The average of three plays per card will give you plenty of action. Check it out!

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 The Lifeline Discovery

The Lifeline Discovery takes a different approach to handicapping by letting others do the hard work! 

A simple and easy to understand system based on the odds for the last two races gives you a different angle on consensus betting. You’ll be able to identify horses with an odds history that sets them up for a winning performance next time out

Best of all is the consistency pf the system, avoiding any chance of long runouts. The Lifeline Discovery is a must for handicappers seeking a quick and simple answer to winning consistently at the track.

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How to Use Consensus Betting

 The 6/7 Furlong Equation

Handicappers often try to pick winners in each and every race.  Stop it! The 6/7 Furlong Equation system is a special spot play method which takes specialization to new heights. 

The 6/7 Furlong Equation is a sprint-based system, identifying top-rated horses, but restricting selections to six and seven Furlong races. Looking for a way to cut back on playing, especially on day when you have a large number of tracks and races via simulcast?

The 6/7 Furlong Equation is a truly a unique spot play system.

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The 6/7 Furlong Equation

From the Great Lou Holloway
Includes 4 Additional Systems!

  LGH Favorable Form Cycle 

LGH Favorable Form Cycle is a method by the celebrated Lou Holloway, one of his personal favorites and one that has certainly stood the test of time. You have to appreciate the ability of handicappers who made a living from wagering on thoroughbreds long before computer handicapping came into existence, not to mention published par time charts, turn-time theories, published jockey and trainer stats, etc., which also did not exist.

I’ll tell you quite honestly, we are probably the only purveyor of handicapping goods that actually seek out methodologies that have long since been forgotten. We have approached many old-time handicappers, as well as the families of those deceased, to get a look at their work and run their systems and methods thru a modern-day database.

LGH Favorable Form Cycle  is ridiculously simple: You will need to be able to view each horse’s past four running lines and you can use either those lines or the past four odds to find your contenders.

Lou also had a fool-proof BANKROLL MANAGEMENT strategy, that will earn you a profit even if you have a bad losing streak. It can be used with any system or method or with selections from public handicappers. It’s called Progression Without Retreat and it's part of the
LGH Favorable Form Cycle package!

And it doesn’t stop there! You'll also get another dandy from Lou called Holloway’s Consensus Probable Odds Formula, which spots overlays based on the number of DRF consenus points a horse gets; Rudy Billotta's favorite winning system, The Four-Line Plan, a sophisticated odds-based method that will work with either near post-time or morning line odds; and Les Conklin's Diagonal Improvement Method, in which you literally ‘eyeball’ the pp’s to get your plays.

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A Favorites-Based System!

 The Racetrack Millionaire and

If you’ve always wanted a winning system that bets on favorites, The Racetrack Millionaire and SuperChalk is a must-have! New data analysis has improved the system, giving you more winners and even greater consistency.  

A favorites system that gives consistent winners is every player's dream, but you must act now, as this is the last time the system will be offered to the betting public. 

Buy now and you’ll receive two additional single rule systems: The Las Vegas Horseplayers’ Bible Method and Profit Pattern Longshots!

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Favorites-Based Racing System!

 Tom Console’s
 Personal Racebook Method

Get over the "home run" mentality, the mindset some players have, thinking they can win every time. It just doesn’t happen! Instead, find out how to develop  discipline and good habits into your betting. 

The players who win in the long run have patience and belief in their own method of betting. Become a disciplined, professional handicapper using Tom Console’s Personal Racebook Method, and select winners at multiple racetracks! 

Buy now and get two bonus systems – that’s three winning systems for the price of one!

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for the Smart Handicapper

2-volume Set, Over 4 Hours

 Inside Track Video DVDs

Insights and inside information from one of the industry greats.  Discussions include race analysis, identifying vulnerable favorites and the impact jockeys and trainers have on handicapping decisions. 

This two volume set comprises over four hours of in-depth discussions on all aspects of handicapping. The very reasonable price and vast array of information make owning your own copy of the Inside Track DVD a must. It's essential viewing for anyone who wants to take their betting seriously.

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Inside Track

A 100% Mechanical System


A mechanical system, removing all elements of judgement and other human factors, has long been the Holy Grail for players. Max-21 does all the "grunt" work for you and makes the selections as well!

You can even handicap the races manually, if you enjoy poring over form guides. The initial filter scan used in Max-21 usually eliminates half the field and the remaining rules make it a breeze to handicap a race in less than three minutes.

Also available in software version.

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the system for Conservative Horseplayers

 The National Power Selection Line

The National Power Selection Line is a highly recommended service identifying top rated selections. Computer generated, this service is for time-strapped players who don't have or don't want to take the time in-depth handicapping requires

Over 170 form factors are fed into daily race cards, including trainer/jockey data, past performance, and various bias variables. Recommended betting strategies and money management plans (including exotic strategies) are all included.

For horse racing fans focused on simplicity and profit, The National Power Selection Line is a must!

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The 000 System

If you’re a player who just wants to handicap by form, spotting the ready-to-run-today horse and come up with winning selections FAST, The 000 System may be just what you are looking for. 

The system consists of checking the results in the previous seven races to see if a "next up" win pattern exists. Because of The 000 System's simplicity, it’s an ideal tool for multi-track betting, as races can be scanned in seconds, and an entire race card would only take  a few minutes. 

The 000 System is an ideal tool for players who want simplicity and to avoid the distractions of in-depth handicapping!

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The 000 System

 The 2-Speed System

This system exploits little-known moves by trainers who are setting their horses up for a big win. Make no mistake, trainers, and their owners are just as happy as players to take their profits from the tote, as well as from the winner’s purse! 

The 2-Speed System has simple rules, which means you can handicap a race in minutes – the form lines become transparent when you know what to look for – and the vast majority of players don’t! 

Find out what few players know, and that’s how to read trainer moves. The 2-Speed System  is where to find them.

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An Update of a Classic System

 The DOT System II

The Dot System was outstandingly successful many years ago, and became a victim of its own success. Because of its popularity, value bets disappeared and its reputation waned. 

The Dot System has been “dusted off,” and enhanced with new rules, and is as profitable as ever. The basic methodology remains the same; past performances are noted with a dot, and the highest number of dots becomes the highest rated selection.

Give The Dot System a try and find out the truth about the old adage: class is permanent!

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The P.T. Angle

Trying to pick a winner in every race is a sure way to disaster. Patience and discipline is the way to success in this game! 

The methodology used in The P.T. Angle involves spotting playable races, and then applying simple rules to determine likely winners. Suitable for multi-track play, the system normally picks 4-6 horses over four racetracks – still plenty of action! 

Don’t be one of the crowd trying to pick the winner of every race – specialize with The P.T. Angle!

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The P.T. Angle

Especially for Fans of Harness Racing

 The Live Horse Harness Method

A lot of horseplayers like to play both thoroughbred and harness races. Many players say it's easier to cash tickets, both straight bets and exotics, in harness racing and include the trotters in their overall search for good profits. Now, you can use The Live Horse Harness Method to make the search easier!

Bob Shurig, who authored the Safe & Sure Method, turned his talents to the sulkies and came up with one whiz-bang winner in The Live Horse Harness Method. Here are the results of a 4-month study at 10 different tracks: The average win mutuel was $13.78, average place mutuel $6.75, average Exacta price $62. ROI on the win = 33%, ROI on the place, also a big 33%, and a 44% ROI on the exactas!

There are only 3 main rules and a couple of eliminations to deal with. You will spot your potential contender(s) quickly. Let
The Live Horse Harness Method help you spot your plays when you play the sulkies.

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The Live Horse Harness Method

The Astro Tote Board Selector

Yes, a system based on numerology! The Astro part in the title is because the methodology works better on certain days of the week, or when the moon is out...or so it's been said.

Face it -- we've all met the player who hits the races now and then who bets on horse color, hunches, and even makes a pick based on his/her horoscope or even numerology.

Suspending judgement on this type of system is certainly a requirement, but all you need is the toteboard and the Astro ToteBoard rules, which are easily explained.

If you're the type of player who does, in fact, use numerology in your life - and occasionally at the races, the Astro ToteBoard system is for you.

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The Astro Tote Board Selector System