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Note: Some examples use computer screens for illustrations. All systems listed are available for easy paper-and-pencil use.

The Class/Speed Riddle Resolved!

Winning with
High Speed Rated Dropdowns

Learn How Class and Speed Interact

Is a 74 speed rating at the $16,000 level equal to a 74 speed rating at the $25,000 level?

Can class be equated with speed, and if so, HOW??

The answer is in Winning with High Speed Rated Dropdowns, which is based on a handicapper's determination of the strong relationship between class changes (specifically dropdowns) and speed figures. This discovery led to "dropdown" race angles for many plays, such as The Speed Horse Three-Race Back Angle; The Shipper's Place Angle; The One Race After Claim Angle--and MORE!  This is truly a handicapping learning experience that can be fun and profitable.

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The Optimum Low-Level
Claiming Race Profit Plan

Based on extensive research by noted handicapper Mark Cramer and Sport Stat of Las Vegas!

This system deals primarily with claiming races at $32,000 and less. Generally considered as shaky races to play, this system shows that they are surprisingly logical to handicap! Mark Cramer says the "hidden class drop" horses are simple to find.

Amazingly, this plan has only three basic rules but when the right conditions are present, you're tipped off to a trainer who has serious intentions of cashing in.

Click Here for Data Samples and Bonus Money Management Report (Included)

Lucky Chan was a firm believer in simplicity. He wasn’t interested in getting rich. He simply wanted to be able to earn a decent living from the game he loved. So he studied, and studied, and kept records and studied some more. He hated losing streaks, so he developed methods that concentrated on high percentage areas of the game.

Lucky Chan's
Personal Plays

Most winning horseplayers are people who are pretty much unknown. A lot of players have developed winning systems of their own — methods used to supplement their income while also enjoying the thrills and chills of thoroughbred horseracing.

Chan knew that favorites win roughly 33% of the time, so he figured that there had to be situations where the chalk won at even a higher rate and produced a solid return on investment. And that's how he developed his approach to playing.

It includes: The High-Power Dutching Method - Places Everyone - The Early Bird Odds-On Place Parlay Method - Chan’s Lucky Longshot Dutching Method For Dummies - and The Upward Mobility System, a ‘reverse’ trainer angle, so to speak

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An AMAZING Betting on Favorites System!

No handicapping Involved! Yes, that's what the originator of this system says. In fact, the rules are so simple, you will have everything down pat within minutes after reading the text. Is this really possible?

Designed by a mathematician who knew NOTHING about racing, he simply used common sense and proven mathematical laws to turn a small starting bank into a small fortune.

Even though this horse betting system is incredibly simple, most people don’t use it because they either don’t believe it can work or they don’t have the patience.

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Take the Profit Road
with Super Win Scan

Super WIN Scan

You want simple? We got simple! Super Win Scan has just a few rules and a tie-breaker to suit all players who just want a simple system.

If you like action at the track but just don't want to beat your brains out, Super Win Scan is a simple paper-and-pencil way for you to hold your own at the races every time you play.

And to make it even better, you'll get two additional simple systems by pro handicappers FREE

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The Casino Edge

Horses and...slots, video poker, craps, roulette, Baccarat?

It's a spot play and a collection of fascinating information on what the best plays are in Vegas, and how to spot them, wherever you like to play.

This book is a great read and just plain FUN!

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Pencil & Paper System
TONS of Easy-to-Read Info!

The Blaskower Magnificent 7

This is truly the BEST of the BEST from racing system author Charles Blaskower!

The 7 angles used in this software are: 1) hidden in-form horses; 2) performance improvement points; 3) probability to hit the board; 4) workouts  "within" races; 5) probable repeat winners; 6) horses who can hang on; and 7) hidden form longshots.

But that's not all! State of the art charts display final speed, pace, class, earnings, and early speed numbers.

And you ALSO get precise trainer stats and printing options for past performances and daily programs! WOW--all this in one great computer program!

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The Magnificent Seven in Action

An Easy Speed-Based System

The Name of the Game

Yep - ANOTHER speed system...but this one has a unique twist that results in some great payoffs!

Using The Name of the Game, you'll bet 2 horses per race, and will often bet at least one exacta, sometimes even two or three. It may take you all of two or three minutes to locate your plays in a given race! This is great for multi-track play.

No juggling facts and figures--just three simple rules, plus three eliminations and the job is done! You want SIMPLE? We got SIMPLE! And The Name of the Game comes with author Walt Owens' Patented Bankroll Management Strategy!

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The Name of the Game

From the 2014 Seminar

Tom Console's
How I Win at the Races

You may be just a short way from making the leap from being a good handicapper to a GREAT handicapper! That's what seminar participants learned in 2014 from Tom Console and it's what Tom has put into book format for players everywhere.

While it may seem a little too simple to say you can be a winner if you do the right things in the proper order, Tom says that really is the essence of handicapping, and spells it out in How I Win at the Races.

In a simple format, Tom talks about picking winners, what he calls "select" favorites, and making the most of exotic wagers. You'll learn what the simple factors are that a contender has to have to significantly increase your odds of winning.

And much more! Available in Pencil & Paper version or computer software.

Click Here for Results of a 3-year Study and to Learn More 

The 94.5% No-Handicapping Show System

How's THAT for the name of a system?

Such a high percentage would in fact be preposterous--if it wasn't for the fact that this system is, as the name implies, designed for SHOW bettors!

If you're a conservative player, you'll love this method based on an old  angle from respected handicapper Lou Holloway. If you're looking for a key horse in exotic wagers, this system will help you save time, big time! Like parlays? This is what you need to put 'em together quickly and easily.

Available in Pencil & Paper format.

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Pencil & Paper or Software Versions


Easy-Money Pro (EZ-MoPro for short) is the first publication to present in detail tried-and-true methodologies used by professional horseplayers.

The 70+ page book will introduce you to great pro players like the bettor who bets only daily doubles; the East coast "trifecta king"; the southern California "parlay king"; and other pros who share their tactics in detail with you.

Two highlights: from pro player Tim Maas: Recognizing the Exceptional Horse (Handicapping Outside the Curve) and a money management tool to help lock in profits in the place and show pools.

It's like a seminar you can hold in your hands anytime you want!

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Easy Pencil & Paper Method

A super consistent method from the king of the winning spot play, Jon Worth, one of America's most respected handicappers!

Known for conservative methods, often involving place and show wagering, Jon created this powerful system that can handicap an entire card in less than ten minutes! Perfect for playing multiple tracks at your simulcast parlor.

Remember: this is for primarily betting place and show. And there's nothing wrong with that when runouts are extremely rare. Very few handicapping methods can honestly make that claim.

Click Here for the History and Test Results of
this Amazing Method from Jon Worth

Winning-A State of Mind
The Motivational Book for Horseplayers by Dr. Nord Jamison

How important is mental attitude in handicapping? Dr. Nord Jamison says “As important as knowing how to fly is to being an airline pilot!”

Dr. Jamison's book Winning - A State of Mind belongs on every horseplayer's bookshelf. The importance of the "mental" part of handicapping cannot be overemphasized.  DR. Jamison says "...all the knowledge in the world does not guarantee success in a particular field. It’s how you apply that knowledge, and applying it properly is more a function of mental attitude and discipline than anything else."

If you, like many handicappers, believe that mental attitude is what truly makes or breaks a horseplayer, you'll want your own copy of Winning - A State of Mind to read and re-read to stay at your sharpest when you attack the track.

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Aren't Longshots Your "Favorites?"

The Smart Odds Play Overlay
by Dan Speller

Rated one of the Phillips Racing Newsletter’s Top 10 Handicapping Methods!

The method is extremely simple to use-- just a few rules to follow and the system puts you on the most probable longshot winners.

Some race fans don’t cozy up to longshot systems because the win rate is low. But the fact is that if you develop even a moderately strong ability to spot longshots, you will enjoy an extra "cushion" for playing. You've probably been there: nail a horse that wins and pays $30 for a $2 bet, and if that's your base bet, you have a very nice boost to your bankroll!

And as a special bonus, you also get a FREE copy of Dan's work, The Longshot Indicator! Available in Pencil & Paper format.

Click Here for More Info on The Smart Odds Play Overlay


An amazing NO-HANDICAPPING method of playing the horses!

Skeptical? Read on...

Over the last couple of decades, weight seems to have almost faded away as a handicapping factor, with increased emphasis on pace, speed, and fractions. But the fact is that weight remains an important handicapping factor.

And racing system author Jeff Silliphant has found the simple key to using weight with ONE OTHER significant factor to create a great spot play! Available in Pencil & Paper version or computer software.

Click Here for a Mini-Lesson on Weight and Conditions
and Details on WEIGHT FOR IT

Racing's Famous Beyer Numbers
Viewed in a Whole New Light!

  The Beyer
 Positive Elimination Method

You know, of course, that if you just bet the highest Beyer Number in every race, you will end up with an 11% loss on the dollar. Mathematical guru Jeff Goldstein found a way to turn that losing proposition into a profitable one for you!

The heart of the Beyer Positive Elimination Method is to find horses which are in form and with a Beyer edge. The prices overall are modest, but with the high win %, profits can be yours. The  method will enable you to determine whether or not a horse is a play very quickly. And it's easy to learn!

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The Beyer Positive Elimination Method


Kinky Handicapping
The Classic Book by Mark Cramer

The #1 best-selling handicapping book of all time is BACK after a 12+-year absence!

In KINKY HANDICAPPING, Mark Cramer offers ways to use pedigree handicapping, company lines, and other contrarian methods to beat the speed, pace and class handicappers at their own game.

You'll learn unconventional ways to handicap as a way of uncovering hidden value. Hailed by experts, a limited number of copies of KINKY HANDICAPPING is available at a bargain price.

Click Here for Experts' Comments
and a Sampling of Some Chapters


Planning Makes the Difference!

  Tom Console's

Tom Console has played the horses professionally for over 30 years. He has won two major handicapping tournaments, has hit four Pick 6’s paying $80,000 or more and has pretty much lived out every horseplayer’s dream. He says "...what I have learned from 30+ years of playing this game is that the race goes to the steady rather than the flash in the pan."

Now, Tom has put together his plan to help you approach the game as you would a business you run for profit. It averages 2-to-3 solid plays per racetrack per day. It is very simple to use – you will spot potential plays in just seconds.

Click Here for Q&A and User Reviews of
Tom Console's THE PLAN


Discover the Profit Plays of Racing

Lou Holloway's
Profit Plays of Racing

Best known for his book Full Time Gambler, Lou Holloway's Profit Plays of Racing is a complete plan for players. It provides a unique take, a new insight into betting action. Lou details his 10 rules to turn your wagering into a profitable business.

Add to this Lou's SIX systems and bankroll management plan, and you'll see why Profit Plays of Racing is a big favorite of horseplayers. Of course, it comes with a complete money-back guarantee of satisfaction.

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Handicapping the Insider's Way

The JOT System

If you're a player who prefers mechanical, step-by-step systems, The JOT System is for you! ALL races are playable. The JOT System uses three key factors: Jockey, Odds, and Trainer, and it's easy to use.

Perfect for simulcast wagering. Play multiple tracks quickly and easily. The JOT System IS a system that you can use between races at the track or simulcast center so it's especially good if you're a more casual race fan.

Click Here for Test Results and Info about the
2 Free Bonuses Included with the J.O.T. System


The Super Secret Method

Do you know Tom Harkins? Tom has written hundreds of columns covering 40 years of watching the races. And now, he's put together The Power Number Super Secret Method! Using factors he developed, such as the Speed of Race factor which isolates the likely early leader, Tom says the secret to success at the track is the adjustments he makes to racing info that others do not make! 

The Power Number Super Secret Method sorts through all the handicapping "stuff" most players use and gets to the strongest horses easily and quickly. It also spots strong Exacta/Trifecta wagers when they are realistic.

Click Here to meet Tom and to View Graphics
of Race Analyses and Results


The Odds Often Predict the Future

Future Pic

What? You don't need to be at the track or see the odds to play?

Future Pic, a new methodology from a software engineer horseplayer based heavily on previous odds patterns says it's true! David Kempler says previous race betting patterns make up the key to winning. Can horses in certain races be using as betting "tools?"

Based on patters that have been proven to be predictive of winners, Future Pic is a simple, unique approach to the game.

Click Here to See Annotated Race Examples and
Read More about This Uncommon Handicapping Style


What Is The Colonel's Secret?

The Colonel's Secret

A previously unpublished system from a legendary handicapper?

Developed from an old manuscript by "the Colonel," you'd expect to hear about a system centered around the final fraction of a race. But that's not even mentioned!

While much of the system does involve familiar handicapping ideas, The Colonel's Secret uses a couple of rather odd indicators, and it is these indicators that make the difference between a modestly profitable system and a very profitable system. You'll want to read the fascinating history and story of how The Colonel's Secret was discovered, so...

Click Here for How the Secret was Uncovered
and to View Testing Results


Money Talks! Listen & Win!

Do you know how to spot the "smart money" at the racetrack? Well, you can learn how in the book that spells out in easy-to-understand explanations!

Money Talks! Listen & Win! presents seven specific insider money angles, each one involving a different approach to spotting the smart money. Plenty of examples, using both the toteboard and special analysis of past performances!

The Phillips Racing Newsletter says:  So what’s not to like here! There has been an abscence of solid ‘insider action’ and tote methods lately, and this one definitely fills the void and then some. The price is certainly fair and it comes with a money-back guarantee from a very reputable source. All things considered, Money Talks! Listen & Win easily deserves a rarely given strong "9" Rating.

Click Here to Learn How to Listen When Money Talks

Includes FREE Trainer Angle System!

The Selectrix Key Speed System

Speed wins races. But why is it so hard to determine the true speed horses who can win? The Selectrix Key Speed System is one player's answer to isolate speed horses who have the best chances to finish first or second in sprint races.

The Selectrix Key Speed System is especially suited for casual players who like the idea of isolating key horses for use in Exacta wagering.

Click Here for How It Works and LOTS of Graphic Examples

How to Bet Favorites and Profit!

Chalk Talk!

Have you ever heard of Chicago O’Brien, a famous old-school handicapper from the Windy City? He was a real, honest to goodness sharp player who made his money by betting the chalk, tote board favorites.

One of his favorite quotes: What other kind of investment do you know, for sure, that you’re going to be right at least one third of the time?

Chalk Talk!

Consider the fact that you are wagering on favorites. That means runouts will be almost nonexistent. If you're a player who likes to cash tickets regularly, that means a lot!

Included at no extra charge with Chalk Talk! is The Fulcrum Bankroll Builder Wagering Strategy...and as an extra bonus, you will also get the PROFESSIONAL VERSION of Hammering The Chalk, a system that shows you how to profit from betting short priced horses to place and show. The professional version contains much more detail and study than the original.

Click Here for More Details about Chalk Talk!


The TOTTO Method


Translation: Twice Over Ten to One. A system devoted entirely to longshots! To put it simply: The TOTTO Method finds races where the favorite is an iffy prospect and then searches out a longshot who has a good chance.

A totally new longshot concept, TOTTO uses certain simple patterns in combination with other indicators to spot plays. Patience in playing is a key, but TOTTO's picks are almost always ones the public will ignore.

Click Here to Read the TOTTO Story
and Sample Races Results


Created Especially
for Claiming Races

The Claiming Race
Money Secret

There’s very little glory in following claiming races. None of these horses are likely to win the Triple Crown – yet there will always be a winner, often at huge odds.

The secret lies with the trainer. In poor quality fields there will be often be a standout runner, a horse that seemingly has no business being in such a race! The Claiming Race Money Secret uses simple rules to identify likely winners, and a unique investment strategy turns the selections into profit! 

If you're more concerned with profit and value than picking the winners of the big races, The Claiming Race Money Secret is for you.

Click Here to Learn More about
The Claiming Race Money Secret 


3 Systems & More in One Package

Easy Money

Jim Robins has been reviewing and testing systems for the Phillips Racing Newsletter since 2006 and is the Feature Editor of Now, Jim has put together three of his favorite systems into one book, Easy Money!

ATM takes about 3 minutes per race to use, and does not require complex math or a computer. Jim's Fast Angle is even faster, since it eliminates unprofitable races and horses very quickly as the first step. Lucky 7 is another fast approach that works at almost any track. All three are included in Easy Money, available in both print and e-book editions.

Also included as a FREE bonus: the Robins SuperWager Calculator.

Click Here to See Why Jim Says
His Systems WIll Work for You


Spot Plays and Angles

The BK Secret

The BK Secret is a library of spot play angles and methods for players looking for consistent and profitable betting – the goal of all serious horseplayers.

All the betting angles are proven and used in one form or another by professional handicappers across the country. The The BK Secret system rules can be easily understood and applied by either experienced or novice punters.

Looking for a range of methods and systems? The BK Secret is what you're looking for.

Click Here to Discover the 10 Angles in
The BK Secret System


Also Included:

  • A New Look at Ability Times

  • The Sneaky Trainer Angle

  • Angles for Tournament Play

The Angle Emporium

The Angle Emporium is one of the largest collections of winning handicapping angles ever published in one volume! Browse to your heart’s content for angles that fit any situation imaginable.

In the world of handicapping, simplification has taken the form of angles – methods of play based on sound logic that usually takes just a short time to use. And now you can have at your fingertips many of the most profitable angles known to mankind in
The Angle Emporium.

The Angle Emporium is designed to give you that extra edge – the edge that comes from knowing when to apply angles that are proven winners over time. Not only will The Angle Emporium improve the serious player’s game, but it will also provide the casual player and the multi-track simulcast patron a way to locate logical plays quickly! Here's a sampling of what's inside The Angle Emporium:

Maiden & 1st-Time Starter Angles - Daily Double, Exactas & Trifectas -Quirin ‘Speed-Point’ Angles - Beyer Speed Angles - Pace & Turn-Time Angles - Longshot Angles - Winning Angles from Top Players - Multi-Track Simulcasting Strategies

And there are even MORE in this package...

Click here to see everything inside
The Angle Emporium


A Great Way to
Earn Steady Profits!

Hammering the Chalk

Hammering the Chalk is a system that teaches you how to play selected favorites and rack up steady profits at the racetrack - and all with very little thinking and no handicapping on your part!

You will be wagering only on horses that have an extremely high chance of hitting the board. We’ve seen consecutive runs of 27-plus winning tickets and only on very, very rare occasions will you lose two wagers in a row.

The vast majority of your bets will be to place and show and the payoffs will be small. However, at
a hit rate that can exceed 90%, however, you don’t need big prices to make good, steady profits.

No, it’s not the most exciting method in the world. You won’t be cashing $44 winners and/or $675 Trifectas. But let’s face it, is it that occasional chance at glory that you’re interested in. or do you actually want to make money at the racetrack? Because if you do want to make money, consistent money, and you don’t want to suffer the stress of long runouts, then you will want to have Hammering The Chalk in your handicapping arsenal.

Click here to learn more about
Hammering the Chalk



Super-X could easily be called the ultimate in simple systems! It's built on 3 readily available piece of information (from the past performances). Designed specifically for straight win bets, exactas, and quinellas, it's easy, fast and simple to use.

If you're the type of horseplayer who wants a clean, uncomplicated system as the basis of your play, Super-X is for you! And if you don't like it for any reason, you can return it for a full refund.

Click Here for the Full Story Behind Super-X

Money Per Race

If you’re looking for a simple yet successful way to improve your racetrack success, consider adding Money Per Race to your handicapping library.

A few simple calculations will tell you whether a race is playable or not. You don’t have to worry about trainer or jockeys. Pre-race workouts don’t come into it, and track conditions or weather changes don’t matter either!

More good news! When the favorite is selected, the winning percentage jumps dramatically, so it’s a real chance to avoid any long runouts.

Just as importantly, Money Per Race tells you which races are NOT playable, so it will save you money as well. The average of three plays per card will give you plenty of action. Check it out!

Click Here to Learn When to Play and When to Pass with Money Per Race



Is it possible to have a situation where a horse is given every chance to win even before the race is run? Can a race be "tailor-made" for one runner?

Author Len Cz says "yes" and explains how to spot such races in Tailor-Made. Some might call such setups favors or paybacks, but it's an established fact that some races are written with conditions especially designed for basically one horse. These are NOT "fixed" races. They've been carded at all size track for many years.

Handicapper Tom Console explains Tailor-Made as  "...a very simple, easy to understand and quick to figure angle, that actually peeks under the sheets, so to speak, of a racetrack’s business dealings with owners and trainers, and in doing so allows you and me to benefit from the often large mutuel payoffs that occur when one of these set-ups are successful, and they often are."

Free Bonus program included: The Superfecta-Selector

Click Here for Complete Details on Tailor-Made

Profiting from the Big Exotic Pools

Bringing Home the Jackpots

Bringing Home the Jackpots has been around for awhile, and that's because players like it so much!

If you are the least bit challenged by the process of building Pick-6, Pick-4, and even Superfecta wagers, author Jerry Samovitz covers in detail exactly how to put those tickets together. Jerry also includes his philosophy about picking winners and what he calls his all-time favorite winning angles, too.

Check out Jerry's approach on playing to get your share of the big money wagered on exotic bets in Bringing Home the Jackpots!

Click Here to Get Your Copy

The Lifeline Discovery

The Lifeline Discovery takes a different approach to handicapping by letting others do the hard work! 

A simple and easy to understand system based on the odds for the last two races gives you a different angle on consensus betting. You’ll be able to identify horses with an odds history that sets them up for a winning performance next time out

Best of all is the consistency pf the system, avoiding any chance of long runouts. The Lifeline Discovery is a must for handicappers seeking a quick and simple answer to winning consistently at the track.

Click Here to Discover
How to Use Consensus Betting


The 6/7 Furlong Equation

Handicappers often try to pick winners in each and every race.  Stop it! The 6/7 Furlong Equation system is a special spot play method which takes specialization to new heights. 

The 6/7 Furlong Equation is a sprint-based system, identifying top-rated horses, but restricting selections to six and seven Furlong races. Looking for a way to cut back on playing, especially on day when you have a large number of tracks and races via simulcast?

The 6/7 Furlong Equation is a truly a unique spot play system.

Click Here for a Great Spot Play,
The 6/7 Furlong Equation


A Favorites-Based System!

The Racetrack Millionaire and SuperChalk

If you’ve always wanted a winning system that bets on favorites, The Racetrack Millionaire and SuperChalk is a must-have! New data analysis has improved the system, giving you more winners and even greater consistency.  

A favorites system that gives consistent winners is every player's dream, but you must act now, as this is the last time the system will be offered to the betting public. 

Buy now and you’ll receive two additional single rule systems: The Las Vegas Horseplayers’ Bible Method and Profit Pattern Longshots!

Click Here for a Great
Favorites-Based Racing System


Tom Console’s
 Personal Racebook Method

Get over the "home run" mentality, the mindset some players have, thinking they can win every time. It just doesn’t happen! Instead, find out how to develop  discipline and good habits into your betting. 

The players who win in the long run have patience and belief in their own method of betting. Become a disciplined, professional handicapper using Tom Console’s Personal Racebook Method, and select winners at multiple racetracks! 

Buy now and get two bonus systems – that’s three winning systems for the price of one!

Click Here for a Multi-Track Plan
for the Smart Handicapper


A 100% Mechanical System


A mechanical system, removing all elements of judgement and other human factors, has long been the Holy Grail for players. Max-21 does all the "grunt" work for you and makes the selections as well!

You can even handicap the races manually, if you enjoy poring over form guides. The initial filter scan used in Max-21 usually eliminates half the field and the remaining rules make it a breeze to handicap a race in less than three minutes.

Also available in software version.

Click Here for Max-21, the system for Conservative Horseplayers

The National Power Selection Line

The National Power Selection Line is a highly recommended service identifying top rated selections. Computer generated, this service is for time-strapped players who don't have or don't want to take the time in-depth handicapping requires

Over 170 form factors are fed into daily race cards, including trainer/jockey data, past performance, and various bias variables. Recommended betting strategies and money management plans (including exotic strategies) are all included.

For horse racing fans focused on simplicity and profit, The National Power Selection Line is a must!

Click Here to Learn More

The Astro Tote Board Selector

Yes, a system based on numerology! The Astro part in the title is because the methodology works better on certain days of the week, or when the moon is out...or so it's been said.

Face it -- we've all met the player who hits the races now and then who bets on horse color, hunches, and even makes a pick based on his/her horoscope or even numerology.

Suspending judgement on this type of system is certainly a requirement, but all you need is the toteboard and the Astro Tote Board rules, which are easily explained.

If you're the type of player who does, in fact, use numerology in your life - and occasionally at the races, the Astro Tote Board system is for you.

Click Here to Read More about
The Astro Tote Board Selector System


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